Democratic Republic of Secundomia

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Democratic Republic of Secundomia
Motto: Secundus Domus
Kansas, United States
Missouri, United States
Official languagesSecundomian
EstablishmentAugust 2, 2014
• Census
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneCST(UTC-6:00)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Third Kingdom of Secundomia
Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics

The Democratic Republic of Secundomia was an iteration of the micronaton known as Secundomia. It was formed on 27 August 2015, over five years after the establishment of the original Republic of Secundomia. It was created following the abdication of the King of Secundomia. The government existed under a coalition of two left-wing parties: the Worker's Party of Secundomia and the Anti-Sloth Party. On 30 April 2016, it was officially transitioned into the Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics.