Department of Cryptid Research (Rote Berge)

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Agency overview
Formed15 October 2022 (2022-10-15)
TypeIndependent (part of the Spezialnachrichtendienste)
JurisdictionGovernment of Rote Berge
Annual budgetR$10
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinisterium für Nachrichtenwesen (until 15 November 2022)

The Kryptiden-Forschungsabteilung (English: Cryptid Research Department) is the sole agency of the Kingdom of Rote Berge to study Cryptozoology and Paranormal activity. To date, the Kryptiden-Forschungsabteilung is the only active government agency of it's kind.


The first established interest in Cryptozoology came from Ethan when he and his friend J started a website called 'Cryptozoology Studies' in 2018 for a fifth grade project. However, since 2020 Ethan has not edited the website though J has. In March 2022, Ethan established the Kommando zur Untersuchung von Kryptide in the Bergterritorialepolizei for studying Cryptids in the States of Rote Berge. In November of the same year, Ethan signed the Cryptozoology Study Act of 2022 and established the Kryptiden-Forschungsabteilung under the Nachrichtendienst Rote Berge to 'study and identify Cryptids as real animals and give them such protections...'


The organization of the Kryptiden-Forschungsabteilung is similar to that of the Kommando zur Untersuchung von Kryptide which preceded it.

Directorate for Cryptid Research

The Direktion für Kryptidenforschung is the directorate for regular research of Cryptids, such as studying sightings, footprints, etc.

Directorate for Cryptid Field Research

The Direktion für Kryptiden-Feldforschung is the directorate for field research of Cryptids. It's duties include sending out it's quick reaction force, Schnelleinsatzstaffel, to collect samples and setting up trail cameras for expanded research.

Directorate for Advanced Cryptid Detection and Research

Not much is known about the Direktion für fortgeschrittene Kryptidendetektion und Forschung, it is directly under the command of the King. Nothing but it's name and ranks has been released publicly.

Organization as of 1 December 2022

Hauptsitz der Agentur- Leiter der Kryptidenforschung und des Geheimdienstes

  • Direktion für Kryptidenforschung
    • Kryptiden-Forschungsbataillon
  • Direktion für Kryptiden-Feldforschung
    • Abteilung Feldforschung
      • 1. Sondereinsatztruppe (Ziegensauger)
        • Schnelleinsatzstaffel A
      • 2. Sondereinsatzgruppe (Nicht-Hirsche)
        • Schnelleinsatzstaffel B

Hauptsitz der Sonderdirektion - Seine Majestät der König

  • Direktion für fortgeschrittene Kryptidendetektion und Forschung
    • Various classified research units


Hauptsitz der Agentur

Pay Grade OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Name Direktor Stellvertretender Direktor Oberst-Agent Major-Agent Kapitän-Agent Oberleutnant-Agent Unterleutnant-Agent
Pay Grade E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
Name Oberstabsfeldwebel-Agent Stabsfeldwebel-Agent Feldwebel-Agent Privat-Agent

Hauptsitz der Sonderdirektion

Pay Grade OF(S) OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Name Vollständiger Direktor Spezial-Direktor Stellvertretender Spezial-Direktor Oberst-Jäger Major-Jäger Kapitän-Jäger Oberleutnant-Jäger Unterleutnant-Jäger