Department of Internal Affairs (Slavtria)

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Department of Internal Affairs
Agency overview
Formed27 February 2022; 2 years, 7 months
Jurisdiction Slavtria
HeadquartersStudia City, Slavtria
Agency executive
  • Cameron, Head of Internal Affairs
Parent departmentExecutive Department
Child agencies
Agency IDSD2

The Home Department, officially the Department of Internal Affairs, is a government department in the Republic of Slavtria.


The department was founded on the first day of Slavtrian independence to control and regulate laws and departments relating to internal affairs. This includes the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Home Defense. It's parent agency is the Executive Department. The department's id is SD2, with this being the 2nd department to be founded.

On June 14, 2022, the Slavtrian government founded the Copyright Office of Slavtria to copyright Slavtrian works, and possibly copyright the works intermicronationally. Due to most of the works being Slavtrian, the office was put in jurisdiction of the Department of Internal Affairs.