Deputy Councillor of State (Tinakula)

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The Deputy Councillor of State is an advisor and assistant to the Presidency of Tinakula, as well as assisting the Councillor of State in his or her duties.

Deputy Councillor of State
Viceconsejero de Estado
None Appointed
Offices of the President & Co-President
StyleMr (Madam) Deputy Councillor
Member ofCabinet of Tinakula
NominatorCouncillor of State
AppointerExecutive Council of Tinakula
on advice of the Councillor of State
Term lengthAt the Presidents' Pleasure
Formation18th of February 2022
Unofficial namesDeputy Minister of State


The role of Deputy Councillor was established on the 18th of February 2022.


The role of Deputy Councillor is as follows:

  • Assisting the Councillor of State in his or her Duties
  • Advising & Representing the Presidency
  • Deputising in the Absence of either President or the Councillor of State
  • Keeping the Presidents informed about Government Activity


The Deputy Councillor is nominated for office by the Councillor of State and is then typically appointed based on this recommendation by the Executive Council of Tinakula.

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