Deputy Minister-President of Azore

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The Deputy Minister-President of the Azorean Republic (commonly noted as the Deputy Minister-President of Azore or the Deputy Minister-President) is the Deputy Head of Government in the Azorean Republic.

Deputy Minister-President of the Azorean Republic
None Appointed
Office of the Minister-President
TypeDeputy Head of Government
Member ofCabinet of Azore
Chamber of Deputies
Reports toMinister-President of Azore
AppointerPresident of Azore
on the Advice of the Minister-President
Term lengthAt the Minister-President's Plesaure
Formation16th of February 2022
Unofficial namesDeputy Prime Minister


The role of Deputy Minister-President was established on the 16th of February 2022 as the primary assistant and advisor to the Minister-President of Azore.


The role of Deputy Minister-President includes:

  • Advising the Minister-President
  • Assisting the Minister-President in his or her Duties
  • Helping the Minister-President develop Bill Proposals


The Deputy Minister-President is appointed by the President of Azore on advice of the Minister-President.

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