Deputy Prime Minister of Athor

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Deputy Prime Minister of Athor
نائب رئيس وزراء أتور
Council of Ministers
StyleThe Honourable
TypeDeputy Head of Government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Reports toPrime Minister
NominatorPrime Minister
Term lengthAt His Grace's Pleasure
Formation21 December 2022

The Deputy Prime Minister of Athor is the deputy head of government and a senior cabinet office in the Islamic Emirate of Athor. The office is not always in use.


The primary duties of the DPM include:

  • Standing in for the Prime Minister
  • Chairing the Council of Ministers In the Prime Minister's Absence
  • Helping Guide the Legislative Process


The deputy prime minister is nominated for office by the Prime Minister of Athor. Like other cabinet ministers, the DPM is appointed by the monarch. The DPM, like the prime minister, is typically also appointed from parliament.

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