Dictatorial Republic of Minato

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The Dictatorial Republic of Minato, pronounced 'mee-NOT-oh', is a micronation consisting mostly of inanimate objects ruled by Generalissimo Benjamin the Great, the elected dictator. Minato is composed entirely of the basement and backyard of the Generalissimo. The nation had a rough start when it was first founded, due to reckless declarations of war by the Generalissimo but Higashi has since attempted to keep peace in order to form alliances. Higashi has no real plans for the country, a recent quote by the Generalissimo states that "the nation is merely attempting to get off the ground. Until it does, expect only meager exports and the occasional treaty from us."


The nation of Minato went through three different names before finally settling on the Japanese word 'Minato' meaning 'port'. Ironically, Minato is completely land locked, and within a few months of it's founding didn't even have running water. The original names of Minato have recently become the names of three of the six Minatian districts. They were, from oldest to newest, Andalossioland, Higashigrad, and Maimukirustan.

Geography, climate, and environment

The geography of Minato is entirely man made, leaving it a fairly regular shape. The region known as Interior Minato is approximately 24 feet long and 14 feet wide, with an area of 336 square feet. It is currently uninhabitable, as the majority of it is being used for storage. The entire outdoor region of Minato composed of well manicured grassland.


The idea of Minato came to be in the mind of the soon to be Generalissimo Higashi as he grew tired of the economic disaster that was his current residence of the United States. Believing there was no way to remedy of the errs of the country, Higashi felt the only solution was to form a new nation, with it's own ideals and slowly take over America. It was at this point that Higashi made two very important decisions: he would run his country far better than where the US had gone, and that he would make all attempts to ensure the continuity of all other micro-nations.

The forming of the nation was simple enough, the United States was foolishly oblivious to the defection of its single citizen. Higashi quietly began converting the only land available to him into what would become the not-so-vast landscape of the nation. The basement of Higashi's home quickly became his headquarters where he would proceed to write a Constitution stating all the rights the people didn't have, as well as begin to map out the expanses of his country. In a slightly foolish political move, Higashi proceeded to announce his violent intentions publicly, including to the neighboring micro-nation of Escova.

It soon dawned upon the Generalissimo that his charismatic skills were somewhat lacking, and proceeded to give up on recruiting people for his nation and went on directly to his closest friends, the inanimate objects of his home. After looking through the belongings of the only other human member of the nation, the Generalissimo's brother, several new members were indited into the country with relative haste. Official procedure has yet to take place in order to make citizenship final.

Government and Elections

Government in Minato consists of the Elected Dictator the Prime Minister, and three council members. Together, these people form the Council of Five. The jobs of each of the members other than the Elected Dictator may change based on the dictator's current interests. Elections are held on the 28th of December the year after the former dictator dies. The Prime Minister maintains control over the country during any amount of time before the new Dictator is elected.

Foreign relations

Relations with fellow micronations has been limited to the almost-neighboring nation of Escova. Communication was rocky at best at first, but soon they patched things up for the good of both countries. It's not sure if the relationship will hold strong, but the Generalissimo has promised to make every attempt to keep the peace.