Director of the CIA (Wellmoore)

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The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of Wellmoore was the professional head of the CIA in the Kingdom of Wellmoore.

Director of the CIA
Diretor da CIA
Office Closed
Central Intelligence Agency of Wellmoore
TypeIntelligence Officer
AbbreviationDir of CIA
AppointerMinister of Intelligence
Formation17th of April 2021
Abolished26th of September 2021
DeputyDeputy Director of the CIA



The role of the Director of the CIA was established on the 17th of April 2021 to oversee the running of the CIA of Wellmoore.

Closure of Office

The office of the role was shut on the 26th of September 2021 when the Wellmoorean CIA was shut down. The reason the role and the organisation where shut down were for the revival and revamp of the Wellmoorean Intelligence Services.


The duties of the role included that of ensuring the smooth running of the CIA, deploying CIA Agents and ensuring the success of the organisation on operations.

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