Directorate for State Security

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Directorate for State Security
Current logo, adopted in 2013
Non con la Forza ma con l'Astuzia
(Not with Force but with Cunning)
Formed 12 February 2009
Updated 23 July 2012
Jurisdiction St. Charlian Government
Office Office of the Prime Minister
Director Flavio Beninati
Headquarters Von Sternberg Center for Intelligence, City of Freya


The Directorate for State Security, also known as DSS (Italian: Direttorato per la Sicurezza di Stato, DSS) is the military intelligence agency of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.


The intelligence service was founded by Leonard Von Sternberg in February 2009, and by then the MiB collected many informations on foreign micronations, but also on internal affairs and people like Nick Maggiore that in the beggining was suspected of beign a foreign spy. A notable event where the intelligence service was involved was the Atlantis Civil War.

Until the 23 July 2012 the intelligence service of St.Charlie was the MiB, than destablished for the new DSS by Ministerial Decree of Riley Small, at the time Minister of Home Affairs. The intelligence service was transformed due the lack of activity and more power was given to the organization. With Flavio Beninati the DSS became active and restarted writing reports and dossiers on people and micronations.


The DSS is leaded by the Office of the Director for State Security, who responds only to the Prime Minister. At the beginning the Director was nominated by the PM by suggestion of the Minister of Home Affairs, but now is nominated directly. All the Directors are member of the SCAF.


Photo Name Appointed by Term began Term ended Notes
1. Leonard Von Sternberg Alexander Reinhardt February 12, 2009 August 30, 2009 As director of the Ministry of War Information
2. Riley Small Alexander Reinhardt July 23, 2012 August 1, 2012 First director of the new DSS
3. Flavio Beninati Alex Specter January 20, 2013