Dirigo, Faltree

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Faltrian County
County of Dirigo
An abandoned car in Dirigo
An abandoned car in Dirigo
Flag of Dirigo
Anthem: Signal Corps March
Country State of Faltree
Established24 September 2021
Founded byLogan Medlin
Seat Newton
 • Total0.2 km2 (0.08 sq mi)
 • Total13

Dirigo was a county in the State of Faltree, consisting of multiple areas located in both North Carolina and Maine. It was established on 24 September 2021, after an agreement between Hunt Powell and Logan Medlin. Dirigo was comprised of the former territories of North Dirigo. Dirigo regained independence as the Republic of Dirigo on 21 April 2023 following the dissolution of the State of Faltree.


The name Dirigo is derived from the state seal of Maine, wherein the word Dirigo is contained. Dirigo is latin meaning "I direct" or "I lead."


Pre-Faltrian history

Flag of the Democratic Republic of Houseistan

The earliest form of Dirigo as a nation state began on the 25 September 2019, in the form of the Three Rooms Empire (later referred to as the Democratic Republic of Houseistan). It later declared war on the Republic of Kelvaria and entered the Craldonian-Kelvarian War. Houseistan later surrendered on 24 October 2019, wherein terms would be dictated by the Union of Mountain States. It existed independently as a republic for a short-while until becoming an autonomous territory of the United Provinces of Natlin in December 2019. The 4th of January 2020 saw Houseistan become independent once again, before shortly becoming a protectorate of the Union of Mountain States on the 13th for 8 days before leaving the agreement. Houseistan underwent further change in ideology and government, most of it undocumented before subjagation by the Empire of Kapreburg, wherein Houseistan officially became the Dominion of Tarcallia on 28 January 2021.

On the 28 January 2021, Jackson I and Logan A. Medlin were talking in the voice chat of MicroWiki@Discord and Medlin brought up his interest in joining Kapreburg. Jackson proposed that his idea Houseistan become a Dominion of Kapreburg and Medlin accepted this offer. Immediately the Declaration of Dominionship was written and signed,[1] Medlin being appointed the Governor-General of Tarcallia. Multiple boroughs were established in Tarcallia such as Newton, which would later become the capital of Dirigo. The Tarcallian Home Guard was established on the 4th of February 2021 and served as the military in Tarcallia. Following disagreements with the Kapresh government, Medlin declared Tarcallia independent in the form of North Dirigo on the 8th of April.

North Dirigo began existing on 8 April 2021, a somewhat undocumented Semi-Federal Republic. It applied to the Cupertino Alliance on the 10th of May although was never accepted into the organization. Dirigo planned on attending the Downeast Conference of 529, a micronational summit that was planned to be held on the 26th of June. Generally, North Dirigo did not achieve much as an independent micronation and this is the ostensible reason for the Faltrian annexation of North Dirigo on the 24th of September, 2021.

Faltrian history

Dirigo was initially integrated into Faltree under the guise of being a governate, a now defunct Faltrian governing concept wherein multiple counties were under a single governate. Multiple subdivisions from North Dirigo were carried over and integrated as Faltrian counties. Newton was the first Dirigan county entitled to representation in the Faltrian Senate, and Joshua Stoddard was elected as the first senator of Newton. Dirigo as a governate ceased to exist when all Dirigan counties coalesced into a single county under the name of Dirigo, now existing since 10 December 2021.