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The Discord Sector (also Discord Community) is a vague and nebulous term to refer to micronationalists and micronations which have formed a community on the social media platform Discord. Whilst a number of micronations have a presence on Discord, the term refers to micronations which use it as their sole platform for communication or government business.

Micronationalists utilise Discord's free-to-use private chatrooms, called "servers" - a collection of persistent user-created chat rooms and voice chat channels which require an invitation link to join.


There have been little scholar works on the sector. Given the nebulousness of the term, it may by some definitions extend to every micronation which primarily uses Discord. Since Discord is a social media platform with over 250 million users, it makes multiple communities (subsectors) possible, and some subsectors in the Discord Sector may not be award of or interact with other subsectors of it, making community leaders very vague and difficult to define. Generally, however, it differs from MicroWiki@Discord, the largest micronational Discord server, which is in the MicroWiki Sector and better defined.

Many micronations in the Reddit Sector are also in the Discord Sector, though not the other way around. When Google+ was shut down, many members of the Google+ Sector moved to the Discord Sector.


Many servers are vulnerable to cyber warfare, most commonly in the form of "raiding". Raiding ranges from spamming, mass pinging ("@ing") users or server roles, trolling, spamming taboo subjects, such as sexual terms and racial slurs, and posting graphic image and video content. Some organised raids may have a user on the server with administrative access, such as deleting and creating channels, mass banning users, and locking channels. It also makes them possible to promote others to have the same abilities. Raiders typically wait until the server owner or anyone else with administrative abilities offline, making it difficult for the raiders to be banned. When a server is raided to the point it is no longer salvageable, it is called a "server nuke".