Distinguished Order of the Cherry

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Distinguished Order of the Cherry
Garter of the Distinguished Order of the Cherry
Awarded by the
Sovereign Prince of Montescano
TypeDynastic order
MottoPepigi fœdus cum oculis meis, ut ne cogitarem quidem de virgine
EligibilityChristians baptized in name of the Father, Son and Holy spirit
Awarded forAt the monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignHH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy I
GradesKnight (KC)
First induction2020
Last induction30 April 2020
Next (higher)Sacred Military Order of St. Demetrios
Next (lower)Order of the White Swan

Ribbons of the Distinguished Order of the Cherry

The Distinguished Order of the Cherry is a dynastic order of knighthood founded in 2020, to celebrate the virtue of marriage and relationships. The current sovereign of the order is also its founder, the Sovereign Prince of Montescano. It has a maximum of 10 Knights & Dames. If a Knight(or Dame) is granted the order, his or her spouse automatically also becomes a Dame/Knight.




  1. HH Hereditary Prince Maurits (incl. HH Princess Demetria)
  2. Lord Christoffel van Achterbergen, Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen
  3. Christian Newton, Viscount of Cape Hatteras