Dominion of Jarvis Island

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Dominion of Jarvis Island
Flag of Dominion of Jarvis Island
Coat of arms of Dominion of Jarvis Island
Coat of arms
Motto: "Be gay, do crimes"
Anthem: Warriors
Governour-General's flag
and largest city
Official languagesNone
Recognised regional languages
Demonym(s)Jarvis Islander
Governmentdominion of marquette
• Grand Duchess
Nada I of Reynolds-Romanova
• Governour-General
Jarvis Jeffries
• "Prezident"
LegislatureNational Band
Establishment6 June, 2022
• Land
4.49 km2 (1.73 sq mi)
• 2023 census
CurrencyDukesmark (nationally)
Mtn Dew (locally)
Time zoneUTC-10 (Jarvis Standard Time)
Calling code+1
This nation is a member of the Duchessgrad Agreement

The Dominion of Jarvis Island, more commonly known as Jarvis Island, is a micronational colony of Marquette in the pacific ocean.


Jarvis Island was officially claimed in June 2022 when in a conversation about interesting island names Jarvis Jeffries mentioned Jarvis Island and the fact that they shared a name, during this conversation Nada I offered to make Jarvis the Governour-General of the Island which he accepted. He then designed the Flag and Coat of arms. Over the next few days Nada I helped Jarvis build up the dominion including its anthem and currency.

Politics and government

Jarvis Island is a unitary dictatorship run by the governour-general. The prezident serves a mainly advisory roll to the governour-general.


The spelling "prezident" is meant to be a more phonetic spelling of the English word president. It is a remnant of a failed spelling reform by Jarvis.


The uniform of the Jarvis Island militia is a green trench coat and pink trousers, inspired by that of the French army in early ww1.

Geography and climate

Satellite photograph of Jarvis Island.

Jarvis Island has a tropical desert climate, with high daytime temperatures, constant wind, and strong sun. Nights, however, are quite cool. The ground is mostly sandy and reaches 7 meters at its highest point. Because of the island's distance from other large landmasses, the Jarvis Island high point is the 36th most isolated peak in the world. The low-lying coral island has long been noted as hard to sight from small ships and is surrounded by a narrow fringing reef. The center of Jarvis island is a dried lagoon where deep guano deposits accumulated, which were mined for about 20 years during the nineteenth century.


Jarvis Islands Mtn dew is the official currency of the Jarvis Islands Domain. The Mtn Dew Can is tied to one can of mountain dew at ℳ3/15/~ (or US$5).

Culture and media

The culture of Jarvis island is heavily influenced by the personality of Jarvis Jeffries himself, including the purposefully poorly designed flag and nonsensical currency.

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