Dominion of Vancouver Island

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Island of Vancouver and its Dependencies
Île de Vancouver et ses
Flag of
Seal of
Motto: "Resolution and Discovery"
Anthem: God Save the King
Location of the Dominion of Vancouver Island (green) in North America (beige).
Location of the Dominion of Vancouver Island (green) in North America (beige).
DVI locator map 2.png
LocationVancouver Island
Official languagesEnglish, French
Ethnic groups
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Charles III [1]
Dustin Carlson
• Prime Minister
Zachary Carlson
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Vancouver Island
from Canada
• Independence
15 July 2019
• Current constitution
17 February 2023
• Total
0.69 km2 (0.27 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
very high
CurrencyVancouver Island Pound (£)
Time zoneUTC−8 (PST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Dominion of Vancouver Island, officially the Island of Vancouver and its Dependencies, is a micronation located on Vancouver Island near the coast of southern British Columbia, Canada. It is a self-proclaimed restoration of the 19th century Crown colony that claimed Vancouver Island and the adjacent Gulf Islands as its sovereign territory.

Founded by Canadian citizen Dustin Carlson in 2019, the Dominion of Vancouver Island has declared itself an independent state despite lacking formal recognition by the United Nations or the government of any sovereign country. Its government dedicates its efforts to achieving dominion status and international legitimacy as a self-governing Commonwealth realm.


Colonial period

Main article: Colony of Vancouver Island


The history of the Dominion of Vancouver Island dates back to mid 2018, when Canadian micronationalist Dustin Carlson founded the People's Republic of Courtica. The tiny nation existed until the summer of 2019, when it was merged with the neighboring Democratic People's Republic of Lerwick to establish the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic (VISSR). The VISSR quickly became one of the leading communist micronations, and experienced rapid development and population growth. However, its planned economy led to economic stagnation and multiple diplomatic conflicts arose with its fellow micronations due to the VISSR's promotion of soviet communism. The nation fell into a slow and steady decline in the fall of 2020.

Foundation of a Dominion

Dustin Carlson had also been assisting other local micronationalists in their pursuit of statehood, and together with close friend Dionne Anderson they founded the Commonwealth of Lazonesia. After a short stint as the country's first Prime Minister, Carlson stepped aside to avoid a conflict of interest with his primary duties as leader of the VISSR. With Lazonesia flourishing, and the VISSR's full potential being limited by it's rigid Soviet system, Carlson and Anderson began diplomatic discussions about a possible merger of the two nations to properly represent the interests of the people of Vancouver Island. On February 18, 2021, the VISSR-Lazonesia Act of Union was signed. This act formalized the annexation of the Commonwealth of Lazonesia by the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic, and combined the assets and populations of both nations. The ruling communist party of the VISSR was denounced, and the new unified country was officially renamed the Dominion of Vancouver Island. It was decided that the new dominion would be founded as a successor state to the former Colony of Vancouver Island that existed before Canadian Confederation in 1867. Its new government was founded upon the principles of parliamentary democracy, and officially declared Queen Elizabeth II as head of state with a primary aim to be recognized as a Commonwealth Realm. After doing extensive research on the topic, Dustin Carlson came to the conclusion that membership in the commonwealth would be the most logical path to follow on his journey to sovereign statehood. Like the VISSR, the Dominion was founded partially as a means of protest against the current political trajectory of its host nation of Canada, while also striving for peaceful coexistence with its much larger neighbor and primary trading partner.


The country's seat of government, known as Government House, was located in Victoria, British Columbia, which was the primary source of contact with foreign nations, processing citizenship requests, and serving the needs of the Vancouver Islander diaspora scattered across Canada, the United States, and overseas. Government House was located on a private residential property which was completely surrounded by Canada's sovereign territory, making it similar in composition to the Vatican City in Rome, albeit much smaller.



The dominion is governed as a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II was the nation's monarch and head of state until the ascension of King Charles III although this claim was not acknowledged by The Crown, or the government of any other Commonwealth Realm.

National symbols

Foreign relations

The Dominion of Vancouver Island recognized the sovereignty of over 200 nations, and its government was known to be very receptive to approaches from other world leaders interested in opening dialogue. The nation sought to join the International Monarchist League and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. It was a founding member of CATO, as well as a member of the United Sovereignties and the Union Against Micronational War. The dominion was also a signatory of the Wrythe Convention, and Montediszamble Convention.

Nations unilaterally recognized by Vancouver Island

Recognition refused

Formal diplomatic relations

Name Date
Republic of Suverska 19 July 2020
Federated States of Martian Olympus 20 November 2020
Kingdom of Grýttlund 10 January 2021
Humanitarian Empire and Realm 15 January 2021
Res Publica Ensia 22 January 2021
 Southern Confederation of Angosvria 29 January 2021
Kingdom of Gnome 21 February 2021
Republic of HwaPyong 26 February 2021
New Aquilia 4 March 2021
Principality of Woodlandia 16 March 2021
Zooxaloo 30 March 2021
Holy Canadian Empire 21 April 2021
Karno-Ruthenian Empire 5 May 2021
Kingdom of Queensland 1 June 2021
Kingdom of Robe 1 June 2021
Melite Democratic Christian Republic of Melite 27 September 2021
Kingdom of Wynnland 21 March 2022
Commonwealth of Dracul 23 April 2022
Renoan Empire 27 May 2023



  1. Charles III does not recognize the Dominion of Vancouver Island and has not claimed the throne officially. See: List of current Commonwealth realms