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Flag of Dorr
Country State of Faltree
 • Total1

Dorr was a county in Faltree. It had a population of 1 and was established on 25 April 2021. It was previously a territory until gaining a permanent population. Dorr was located in Goddard Park.


The county is named after Thomas Wilson Dorr, the 16th Governor of Rhode Island. Faltree admires Thomas Dorr for his attempts to implement universal manhood suffrage in Rhode Island.


Before becoming a county Dorr was a territory of Faltree established on 24 April 2021. It was elevated to the status of County on 25 April 2021 after it gained a permanent population of 1. Dorr was eventually subsumed into Stonefort.


Dorr was located in Goddard Park, with the claims encompassing a large wooded area of the park. Dorr is mainly forested, with some shoreline. Nearby is a cluster of micronational land cessions created by the Treaty of Goddard.