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Republic of Batsenland
Flag of Batsenland
Coat of arms of Batsenland
Coat of arms
Motto: "Mundi sine Batsenland, est quasi mundi sine stellas"
"A world without Batsenland is like a world without stars"
Anthem: Oh, Batsenland
Official languagesDutch, Swedish, English and Achterhoeks
Ethnic groups
  • 100% Batsenlanders
from Netherlands
• Independence
8th July 2022
• Constitution ratified
1st August 2022
• Total
0.007 km2 (0.0027 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
CurrencySwedish krona and Euro
Driving sideright

The Republic of Batsenland, more commonly known as Batsenland, is a micronation inside the Netherlands. Batsenland has an area of 0.007 square kilometres and has 7 permanent citizens. The national animal of Batsenland is the buzzard. The capital of Batsenland is Moersdam. The currencies are the Swedish Krona and the euro.

Batsenland has four official national languages: Dutch, Swedish, English and Achterhoeks.


Around June-July 2022, Jonathan Sebastiaan Hoffmann came up with the idea of founding a country. The constitution was drafted in the month of July 2022. The Batsic army was also established in July. On the 10th of September, the first laws were created; in this case for the penal code. Documents were also created for the civil code and the criminal procedure code. On the 12th of december the military was abandoned because it was a threat for world peace. The borderguard and police were created and the constitution edited.

Politics and government

The prime minister is the only one in government. There are no ministries: it is all settled by parliament and the prime minister.

The parliament has two seats, and there are elections for parliament and prime minister every four years. Currently, the prime minister is Jonathan Sebastiaan Hoffmann. The parliament is filled with S. Hoffmann from ACHTBAAN "Rollercoaster" and K. Hartman from the Peoples Party for Nature and Culture.

Law and order

Batsic Intelligence and Cybersecurity Agency

The law is enforced by the police of Batsenland. There is an intelligence agency called the Batsic Intelligence and Cybersecurity Agency.