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Kingdom of Fridgerton OLD
Flag of Fridgerton
Coat of arms of Fridgerton
Coat of arms
Motto: Żgħar u kburin
"Small and proud"
Anthem: "Never Gonna Give You Up"
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentUnitary Absolute Monarchy
• Monarch
King George I
LegislatureKing George I
• Independence from Malta
• 2023 census
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Day Month Year
Driving sideleft
Calling code+356

Fridgerton, officially known as The Kingdom of Fridgerton is a micronation located both in Europe and online. The physical territory of The Kingdom of Fridgerton is currently claimed by the Republic of Malta. The Kingdom of Fridgerton is surrounded by the Republic of Malta on all sides. The capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Fridgerton is Bisġemma, which acts as the administrative center of the nation.


The name "Fridgerton" is derived from an insult used at the the founder, and current Monarch of the Kingdom of Fridgerton, TM King George. Whilst this was an insult hurled at them to make fun of their pronouns, it ended up being an inside joke between TM King George and their friend group. This eventually grown into a nickname for TM King George, who decided to name their micronation after it.

The capital bed, and by extention capital city of the Kingdom of Fridgerton, Bisġemma is derived from the area TM King George lives in. The capital desk, the executive capital of the Kingdom of Fridgerton, Bislandia has no specific reason for its name.


Initial Planning

The first symbol designed for what would eventually become the Kingdom of Fridgerton

The Kingdom of Fridgerton started as a project on 28th April 2022. HM King George started work on the Kingdom of Fridgerton since they were sick and bored. Therefore they decided to try and create one of the micronations that he was being so amazed by. They decided to contact a couple of their friends, all of whom accepted to become citizens of the Kingdom of Fridgerton once it was officially established, in return for Royal Titles.

The original date for declaring independence from the Republic of Malta was set to be the 21st of September 2022. This was set as the date for it to coincide with Jum l-Indipendenza (Independence Day). However, because of multiple setbacks, including the fact that TM King George was quite busy back then, and that the Constitution and the rest of the documents they wanted to be finished before declaring independence still were not finished. Work on the micronation was soon abandoned.

Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Fridgerton, used by TM King George

However, TM King George still worked on the micronation here and there. October 2022 was quite a hectic month for TM King George, where they addressed the Maltese Cabinet and participated in the Safer Internet Forum, a Youth-Led European Event highlighting the importance of Internet Safety and Youth Participation. Since the latter was held in Brussels, the flights he rode gave him the opportunity to once again pick up steam and continue work on the micronation.

January 2023, although just one month away from TM King George's annual exams paved the way to continue work on the micronation, where amongst other things, work on the Fridgertian Lira and amendments to the draft of the Constituion were made. Whilst the Kingdom of Fridgerton has not yet declared independence and is still in the process of becoming a micronation, it is hoped that TM King George would be able to declare independence, declare the founding of the Kingdom of Fridgerton and be crowned as the King of the Kingdom of Fridgerton some time in 2023.

Politics and government

The Kingdom of Fridgerton is a unitary state under an absolute monarchy, the head of which is the Monarch of the entire micronation. The Monarch is referred to as the Monarch of Fridgerton, although the Monarch the option to use the term 'King', 'Queen', or a gender-neutral alternative to refer to themselves. The Monarch is considered the highest political and sovereign authority within the micronation. The Monarch, unlike in most modern monarchies which are considered constitutional, possess absolute power and is considered the leader of the executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch of the government. The Kingdom of Fridgerton does not currently have a government, and all of the decisions taken by TM The King are automatically codified into law. Onve a certial threshold of citizenship is reached, a government shall be set up. However until then the Monarch is the sole leader of the micronation.

The powers of the Monarch of Fridgerton are absolute. They perform various functions, such as amending the constitution, personifying the Kingdom of Fridgerton when it comes to diplomatic ties with other micronations and granting citizenship. George Vella, the current Monarch of the Kingdom of Fridgerton is styled as Their Majesty King George I, and is the current Monarch of the Kingdom of Fridgerton, having been the founding father of the micronation.

Law and order

The Kingdom of Fridgerton follows Maltese Law as its basis, since it is surrounded by the Republic of Malta and hopes to keep good relations with the sole country bordering the Kingdom of Fridgerton. The constitution of the Kingdom of Fridgerton is the supreme law of the land. Therefore any law or action in violation of the Constitution is null and void.

In the Kingdom of Frigerton laws from the Republic of Malta, whilst recognised are not enforced by Fridgertian authorites. Such breaches of Maltese Law will be reported to the respective Maltese authorities.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Fridgerton aims to hold good relations with other micronations.


The Kingdom of Fridgerton, as part of its policy supporting peace does not have an active military.


A 50 Fridgertian Lira Banknote

The Kingdom of Fridgerton has a mix between a planned economy and a mixed economy. Whilst the Kingdom of Fridgerton is not opposed to liberalising its economy once it gets bigger, it's currently too small of a micronation to have a mixed economy. Many entities providing service in the Kingdom of Fridgerton are government owned, such as the Fridgertian State Paper and Television Fridgerton, which are directly under HM King George's control.

The Kingdom of Fridgerton, as a micronation located in the Republic of Malta not only has access to the Maltese Market, but also to the European Market since Malta is a European Union member state.

The Kingdom of Fridgerton officially uses the Fridgertian Lira (F£) as its economic currency. The Fridgertian Lira is equavilent to the former currency of the Repubic of Malta, the Maltese Lira. This means the Fridgertian Lira is equivalent to 1LM, with a fixed exchange rate of €2.33. In spite of having its own currency, its only used for minor transactions within the country, as the Euro is widely used as a second currency.

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