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The Republic of Pyrik
A Kralepi Republici ahg Pyriki (or the MRP)
Motto: "size dose not matter, a Strong heart dose"
CapitalDashtika (formerly Sadhov)
Largest cityDashtika
Other languagesPyriki
• President
Nikola Wyvernseeker
CurrencyPyriki Kroner
Time zonePyriki Central Time

The Republic of Pyrik

The Republic of Pyrik was founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic as a project to pass the time. over the years it became much bigger and now as of 2023 it has at least 17 loyal citizens. Nikola Wyvernseeker has been the president sense then. The MRP has 4 acres of land in The USA. It was originally the Kingdom of Rhodeland before an economic That shattered the country. In years Nikola Wyvernseeker and His supporters took control and created the Miniature Republic of Pyrik. it was disbanded on dec 13 2023 after crash of government and economy.


The word Pyrik Comes from the Greek root word (pyro) which means fire. It is thought of not in a bad sense but instead as the burning Fire of love the people have for their country.


visiting the trading co, getting street food, Or visiting the ghost tour Of the Famous Bishkilei Coal train crash are all fun activities

Coal Train crash

And if you love the forest Pyrik has an abundance of greenery which is Perfect for hiking and camping. Also the stones of heaven are beautiful And are a great place to visit

The Pyriki Civil war

The Pyriki Civil war has divided and crumbled the infrastructure of Pyrik. It started in 2021 when The Pyriki Democratic People’s party And the (PWALU) or (phishna) allied and started threatening Missile Strikes of Southern Pyriki towns. For 2 Small Clashes between the MRP army and the rebels accrued Until the tensions rose to high and The Rebels bombed the City of Dashkiha in the south. President Wyvernseeker said “Tne Boiling pot Of war exploded and war broke out.” The war has still been going on today Leading to the Southern Part of the country being destroyed and shut down


Pyriki Kroner is the bank notes used in The MRP. 1 USD translates into 100 PKD or Pyriki Kroner. As of the civil war the GPD is lower that ever With inflation crossing the country.

The Pyriki Kroner

044D67B1-A61A-4425-9F5C-55CA6A5411C2.jpg The National Party Nikola Wyvernseeker
732AB972-AB9A-47E4-A754-B5B99589C2DD.jpg The People’s Party Georgaci Ashkanta
BF8C3238-B714-48AC-B412-8429F7B8C7D1.jpg The Libertarian Party Spartik Polskima

former Informal Alliances