Draft:People's Republic of Baitan

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Baitan of the Coast of Antarctica

The People's Republic of Baitan is a Communist micronation off the coast of the continent Antarctica. It's creation date is unknown. ANTHEM:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKV0awb3J2Y

The Flag of Baitan

Government Baitan is an absolute monarchy, the emperor being Mr. Bubz the chihuahua.

Mr Bubz after being crowned emperor

Military Baitan's military consists of 1 dog and 1 of his toys. The Dog is named Gizmo, and the toy is a Gumby plush. The Dog is admiral of the Navy, while Gumby is commander of the Army.

A Diagram of the uniforms of the Baitanese armed forces.
Roundel of the Baitanese Naval Air Force

Citizenship test: https://forms.gle/NTrejytmp4mmXexS7 Residents Baitan has approx. 150 residents, all of which have citizenship. 147 of these residents are penguins. Citizenship test: https://forms.gle/xTCvc5qbDmXAXABKA