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Capital city of Marquette
Administrative city of Ducessgrad
Flag of Duchessgrad
Official seal of Duchessgrad
Cor, anima, et mentem Marquette (Latin: The heart, soul, and mind of Marquette.)
Map of Duchessgrad
Map of Duchessgrad
Administrative city.Greater region of duchessgrad
 • Countess of DuchessgradMira Mansion
 • Governor of DuchessgradPosition Vacant
 • Total0.01299041 km2 (0.00501563 sq mi)
 • Total3
Time zoneEST

Duchessgrad is the capital and largest city in Marquette, having a current population of 3, and a peak population of 5 in 2004.


Human habitation of duchessgrad dates back to the 1880s when the pieces of what would later be the Grand Ducal palace were transported to the location, at the time used as a farmhouse.


Duchessgrad mean "City of the Duchess" in reference to the fact that it is the legal basis of the Grand Duchess of Marquette.


The city of Duchessgrad is follows a lesser version of the constitution of Marquette, with a bicameral "city board" who elects the governor of Duchessgrad, and a hereditary monarch called the Countess of Duchessgrad. The Countess of Duchessgrad is traditionally the Primary Heir of House Reynolds-Romanov.

Climate & Geography

Average yearly temperature: 8.8 degrees Celsius (47.84 degrees Fahrenheit)

Average yearly rainfall:86 CM (34 inches)


Historic sites

Duchessgrad is home to six protected historic sites these are:

  • The old smokehouse
  • The ruined barn
  • The old barn
  • The new barn
  • The Grand Ducal Palace
  • The parade square

The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace is the official residence of the Grand Duchess of Marquette, as such it has a strong cultural presence as the heart of the nation.

Parade square

Parade square is the largest and oldest square in duchessgrad, and site of most grand ducal addresses.

Ethnic Groups

Duchessgrad is home to several distinct ethnicities, these include

  • Cornish.
  • Serbs.
  • Yoopers.
  • American-Marquettens.

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