Duchie of Duckborough

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The Duke of Duckborough is a Wellmoorean member of Nobility with Ceremonial and some Legislative Power over Duckborough.

Duke/Duchess of Duckborough
Creation date25th of July 2021
MonarchKing Luke of Wellmoore
Present holderNone Awarded Title
Subsidiary titlesLord/Ladyship


The Title of Duke of Duckborough was founded on the 25th of July 2021, after the establishment of the town of Duckborough.

Dukes/Duchesses of Duckborough

No-one has currently held the title of Duke of Duckborough.

Legislative Power

The Wellmoorean Constitution allows the Duke of Duckborough, as well as other nobles, to give royal ascent to laws for their peerage on the behalf of the Monarch of Wellmoore.

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