Duchy of Astral

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Duchy of Astral
Flag of Duchy of Astral
Motto: Nihil Sine Deo Latin "Nothing Without God"
Anthem: Hymn of Our Beloved Territory
LocationSouth Appalachian Mountains
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
EstablishmentFebruary 2010
• Census
CurrencyAstral Franc
Time zoneNorth American Eastern Standard Time

The Duchy of Astral is a colonial territory controlled by the Duchess of Astral. Astral is an extremely small domain located in the southern half of the Appalachian Mountains between forest and field.

See also Sylvania.

Daughter of Sylvania

The Principality of Sylvania has expounded its reign. Prince John Thomas I has given the Duchess of Sylvania rule and reign over the territory of her residence. Given the option to be completely sovereign, the Duchess declined wanting for the time being to remain as a colony representative of Sylvania. The Prince has given the Duchess permission to rule as she pleases in Astral.

Nobility of Astral

The Duchess of Astral is a bright young ruler who hopes to expand her territorial rule. She is the Duchess of Sylvania, and remains a nobility of the aforementioned Principality; but because the Duchess does not take residence in Sylvania, is was decided that she should claim the territory of her own residence, Astral, for Sylvania. In making the claim as such, there was deemed the Duchy of Astral. There is currently no Duke.

Governement and Law of Astral

Apart from adhering to the Prince of Sylvania, the Duchess currently has primary rule over the constitutional government of Astral. The parliament is small and as it grows, the Duchess has taken most of the legislative responsibilities upon herself for the time being.

Parliament is broken into two houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords consists of noble representatives appointed by the Duchess from all of the estates of Astral. The House of Commons consists of constituent elected representatives from each estate. The number of representatives in the House of Commons is concurrent to the population in each estate.

As the appointed monarch to Astral by the Prince of Sylvania, the Duchess has the power to pass laws made and approved by parliament. No law goes into action unless approved and signed by the Duchess.