Duchy of Elysium

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Not to be confused with the Republic of Elysium.

Duchy of Elysium
Ducatus Elysium (la)
Coat of arms
Motto: In the conquest of paradise, we forge our own
Anthem: Elysian Hymn
Largest cityElysium Nova
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
• Duke
Ashleigh Laine
• Consul
Election Pending
• Last election
20th of September, 2011
LegislatureElysium Congress (Legislative) Quarters of the House Laine, 'The Longhouse' (Ducal)
Establishment20th of September, 2011 Re-setablished 13th of August 2012
• Census
CurrencyElysium Aegis (ELY)
Time zoneGMT-0 (UTC)

Elysium, Officially The Duchy of Elysium, is a newly formed micronation in the United Kingdom Originally proposed by 3 of Dorzhabadic Prime Minister Daniel Morris's compatriots, Elysium is a country driven to achieve independence from the UK, as a response to the London riots, and how the British Government handled the situation.

At only a Month old, Elysium had been in close contact with the Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad (Now UDR) and the Unified Republic of Preissland (Now Palasia)

Elysium's rather varied existence used its ablbeit minor influence in the Union of Draegan Republics to convince a leading Senator (Ashleigh Laine) to hand in his resignation and tend to Ducal matters in Elysium


The Culture of the Duchy is somwehat multi, a large percentage of cultural dominance is mostly Draegan, with the rise of Roman culture becoming apparent in the government.

Foreign Affairs

Elysium has small relations with other Microstates, mostly informal.