Duighan-Cat War

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Duighan-Cat War
The Table, Basementia.jpg
The Table, Basementia, circa Ede 51, 1901. This was where the war began.
DateEde 50, 1901 - present (10 days)
Basementia, Great States of O'Duighan
Status Currently Active
Second Cat Republic

Great States of O'Duighan (dissolved on Ede 57, 1901)

People's Provisional Government of O'Duighan (after Ede 57, 1901)
Units involved
Cat Republican Army People's National Army

The Duighan-Cat War, also known as the Second Edenian-Cat War, is a war taking place in the Great States of O'Duighan. It is being fought between the Great States of O'Duighan and the Second Cat Republic. The war began after the Cat Rebels occupied the Table, which is located in the Dining Room Region of the Great States of O'Duighan. The People's National Army brought out the Broom Regiment and surrounded the Table and attempted to bring a peaceful end to the occupation, however, the Cats refused to leave. The Broom Regiment eventually attacked the Table, and began the war. The Cats formed the Second Cat Republic shortly thereafter.


The Edenian-Cat War was a war fought between the Cat Rebels and the Confederate Duchy of Eden. This war was fought from Frede 30, 1901 to Frede 65, 1901. This was due to the Cats refusing to abide by the Edenian government's rule that no one is allowed to hide under the sink in the basement, which was what led to the war in the first place. Since that war, Eden has collapsed, and the Great States of O'Duighan has been reformed. However, what has also come has been a great amount of tension between the national government and the Cats. However, this tension remained relatively quiet, until the building of the Table in the Dining Room Region of Basementia. The Dining Room Region prior to the days leading up to Ede 50 had been extremely messy due to chairs, materials for the Table, and other objects being strewn across the Region. However, after a while, it was decided that the region needed to be cleaned, and the Table should be built. This act was completed by late October, and it meant that the Region could finally be fully controlled by the national government. However, the Cats got their first, occupied the Region, and refused to leave. This led to the Cats also occupying the Table, which was the boiling point that led to the conflict.

Ede 50, 1901

Sam, one of the former Cat Rebels teams up with Chibi to occupy the Table, and declares the Second Cat Republic. Harold Duighan mobilizes the Duighan People's National Army to put down the rebellion, but the Cats refuse to leave the Table. Duighan soldiers make several attempts to get under the table and capture the Cats, but they continuously escape. The Cats attempt numerous times as well to make incursions into Duighan territory, but are stopped dead in their tracks. The war draws to a stalemate until the Cats make their escape by smashing through an opening and escaping to the Kitchen Region of Basementia and taking it over. Duighan soldiers overrun the Table and it is taken over. They move on the Kitchen, chasing down the Cats in an attempt to stop them, however, the Cats have already made their way to the Basement Region, and moving on to Fort Box. The Kitchen Region is taken back by Duighan soldiers, but the North-Eastern section of the Region is still held by the Cats. Duighan forces are moving downstairs to the Basement Region, ready to face the Cats, until the flee into Fort Box, and hole up in the fort. Realizing that the Cats have escaped, Duighan forces turn around and leave. The Cats make their move and chase them back up the stairs, and swiftly begin making a massive incursion into the Kitchen Region. They are halfway from taking it over until they lose steam and are stopped. The Cats attempt to continue forward with the invasion, but fail. They are slowly forced back to the stairs leading to the Basement Region, but the counterattack is stopped. A ceasefire has been made, but the war still continues.

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