Duke of Bowerstone

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Dukedom of Bowerstone
Creation date1 July 2022
MonarchLuke I of Albia
PeeragePeerage of Albia
Dukedom of Bowerstone
StyleHis/Her Grace (if not royal)
His/Her Royal Highness (if royal)
SeatMourningwood, Bowerstone
AppointerMonarch of Albia
Term lengthLife Tenure
Formation1 July 2022

The Dukedom of Bowerstone is a ducal peerage in the Kingdom of Albia.


The title of Duke/Duchess of Bowerstone is the oldest ducal and noble title in Albia. It was created by Luke I of Albia on 1 July 2022.


The succession of the dukedom is dependent on how the title is issued by the Monarch of Albia. If it is issued to a member of citizenry then it becomes a hereditary peerage, whereas if it is held by a member of the royal family it becomes a life peerage.

Rights of the Titleholder

The duchy is limited to the territory of the county of Bowerstone. The titleholder does have some rights over the county. The High Sheriff of Bowerstone may be nominated by the titleholder instead of the Lord Lieutenant. As well as this the titleholder has the right to request some of the items owned by citizens from the whole county if they die without any named heirs.

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