East Galwegian Socialist Republic

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East Galwegian Socialist Republic
Flag of East Galway
Coat of arms of East Galway
Coat of arms
Motto: "Onwards, we shall go"
CapitalCapital District
Largest cityDe Valera District
Official languages
Recognised national languagesPolish
Ethnic groups
Irish & Polish
Demonym(s)East Galwegian
GovernmentUnitary socialist parliamentary workers’ republic
• President
Thomas Jacobs (EGBSM)
• Premier
Ludwig Collins (PLI)
House of Representatives
Independence from Ireland
• East Galway Soviet created
7 September 2021
• Commune declared
7 January 2022
• Recognition by Roscamistan of East Galway
24 January 2022
• Transition to new system begun
8 April 2022
• Transition completed
26 April 2022
• Thomas Jacobs becomes Head of State
22 July 2022
• Dissolution
20 July 2023
• Total
0.101171 km2 (0.039062 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
CurrencyEast Galway złoty (zł)
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD(proposed) .eg

East Galway, officially the East Galwegian Socialist Republic was a self-proclaimed sovereign workers’ republic, more commonly known as a micronation located in County Galway in the Republic of Ireland. It was established on 7 January 2022 by Thomas Jacobs, Jan Kotoński, and Ludwig Collins, when they declared the republic. However it had existed since September 2021 in the form of the East Galway Soviet. The capital of the republic is the Capital District. The republic was divided into districts, for administrative reasons. The biggest districts were the Capital District and the De Valera District.

East Galway was a unitary parliamentary socialist republic and was governed under a multi party system. The head of state is the President, the head of government iswas the Premier. The republic’s legislative body was the House of Representatives.

The republic followed a peaceful foreign policy, having relations with Roscamistan, Ballinfoyleburg and formerly Seprana. It was also a part of the Galway Sector of micronationalism and a founding member of the West Ireland Pact.


The name of East Galway comes from the location it is in, Galway City East, with the word Galway being the English translation of Gaillimh, from Dun Gaillimh, with dun meaning fort, Fort Galway. Its location is formerly near the area of Mervue, gaining the nickname of Mervue Commune.


East Galway Soviet

In late August 2021, the new group of Irish First Years (year sevens in the UK) entered secondary schools across Ireland, Thomas Jacobs, Jan Kotoński, Ludwig Collins and Ivan Ryan were among them. Kotoński, Collins, and eventually Jacobs were communists. In early September 2021, the four (including Ivan Ryan) and a few others established the East Galway Soviet, at the time an opposition group to the school’s student council. Kotoński was elected the first Chairman, Jacobs was elected the first Vice Chairman and Collins was elected the first General Secretary.

Declaration of Commune

On 7 January 2022, Thomas Jacobs declared the East Galway Commune. The East Galway Soviet was now the government of the free territory, and Kotoński’s title was extended to Chairman of the People’s Executive, Jacobs’s was extended to Vice Chairman of the People’s Executive and the Chairman of the People’s Assembly, and Collins’ title was the General Secretary of the People’s Executive. On 10 January 2022, on the advice of Thomas Jacobs, the titles of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the People’s Executive were renamed to the Premier and Vice-Premier of the People’s Executive. The title of General Secretary was unchanged.

On 26 January 2021, it was proposed that the Commune change its name to the Mervue Commune, as it is close to the Region of Mervue, Province of Mervustan, so to avoid confusion with the area that the commune is located in. Premier Jan Kotoński agreed to this, and a transition period began, to happen from 26 January 2022 to 4 February 2022. The Peoples’ Assembly vetoed the change, saying the name had remain.

Attempted coup

The commune almost came to an end on 4 February 2022 when Thomas Jacobs attempted to overthrew the Government of the Commune. Jacobs had tried to declare that the commune was now the East Galway Free Socialist State, similar to the Free Socialist State of Paloma in its name. A new position, the State Chairman was created to become the new head of state of the commune. Jacobs attempted leave his position of Vice-Premier of the East Galway Commune to become State Chairman. Jacobs later withdrew his resignation and coup attempt, re-recognising the Kotoński Executive as the legitimate government of the Commune.

Progress and planned election

On 4 February 2022, a new Department of Internal Affairs was created, with responsibilities for interior and census affairs. Thomas Jacobs began to create some forms to tell what was the ethnic, religious and political makeup of the commune.

An election was announced by the Vice Premier, Thomas Jacobs on 9 February 2022 for the Peoples’ Assembly would later be delayed.


On 10 February 2022, the commune was renamed the East Galway Commune, keeping its original location.

April reforms

On 8 April 2022, in reaction to inactivity, Vice Premier Thomas Jacobs announced along with Premier Jan Kotoński and General Secretary Ludwig Collins that the East Galway Commune would start a transition to a more feasible system of Government. Jacobs set down multiple points in his notebook, including a new name, new system of government, giving districts use, a new legislature, the creation of a presidency, and a provisional government to install the changes during the transition to the new system.

On 18 April 2022, the Socialist Republic was proclaimed, and the presidency created. People’s Executive General Secretary Ludwig Collins was proclaimed head of state, whilst Jan Kotoński remained Premier. Jacobs remained Vice-Premier.

Multi-party system

On 20 April 2022, the East Galway Workers’ Party, in an effort to remove itself from the extreme libertarian socialism of the past, rebranded itself as the Party of Labour and Iron. That same day, Benjamin Olson, who had previously been intrigued by East Galway in the commune era, formed the Liberty Front, which ended the one-party domination by the PLI.

May elections

In May 2022, elections for district governors, the President and the House of Representatives were held. The Party of Labour and Iron took a landslide, winning the presidency, and a majority of the House of Representatives. Due to the lack of an absolute majority, the PLI went into coalition with the Liberty Front, allowing Premier Jan Kotoński to lead another government.

July 2022 constitutional revolution

On 22 July, President Ludwig Collins and Vice-Premier Thomas Jacobs swapped roles in an elaborate plot to get Jacobs into the position of head of state. Collins resigned as President, and Jacobs as President of the House became acting President. Jacobs then resigned as Vice Premier and appointed Collins to the position. The House would then confirm Jacobs as President, ending the revolution.

One anniversary celebrations and foundation of the Blue Shirts

Celebrations were conducted on 7 September to celebrate the foundation of the East Galway Soviet, the first incarnation of East Galway. On that same day, President Jacobs and a few other dissenters split from the Party of Labour and Iron, and formed the East Galwegian Blue-Shirt Movement, a right-wing party opposed to the syncretism of the PLI. This move was also conducted in the wake of further government inactivity.

Coat of arms referendum

The old coat of arms of East Galway, used until the 14th of December 2022

On the 14th of December 2022, the Referendum Act authored by Thomas Jacobs was passed through the House of Representatives at short notice, allowing the Cabinet of Ministers to hold referendums on important issues. Soon after, a referendum to alter the coat of arms was released, with it gaining a 100% approval rate in favour of the new arms.

Due it being the first bill, and subsequently the first referendum of the 2nd House of Representatives, talks for a second provisional government to allow for an end to the inactivity crisis that plagued the nation since May of that same year.


East Galway dissolved on the 20th of July 2023, by Thomas Jacobs. After months of trying to revive the nation, Jacobs quit. He proclaimed it dissolved, to no fanfare.

Politics and government

The republic is a parliamentary democracy, with the President as a mere nominal chief executive and de facto figurehead. The head of government is the Premier, who is appointed by the President on the advice of the House of Representatives. The President of the House presides over the representatives.

The President is formally elected for a one year term, renewable infinitely. The Premier’s term is subject to if he can hold confidence over the House of Representatives. The Premier may wish to form a cabinet composed of his party alone, or a coalition if his party does not hold an absolute majority. The current government is the third ministry of Jan Kotoński.

Administrative divisions

The nation is divided into several districts, the main ones being the Capital District and the De Valera District. The districts are mainly used for government as they have devolution and also representation in the House of Representatives. There are also unincorporated territories. A territory is normally a piece of land under the control of the republic that is outside of the mainland. Territories are led by Commissioners, appointed by the President to serve as his viceroy in the zone. There are currently two territories, Jordans Island and Moycullen.

Law and order

The judicial branch is headed by the Paramount Justice, currently Thomas Jacobs since May 2022. The police force of the republic are the East Galwegian Guards.

Foreign relations

The republic is in diplomatic relations with all nations in both the Galway Sector and West Ireland Pact. Its main alliance is with the Republic of Roscamistan. The foreign affairs are managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs, headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, currently Thomas Jacobs since 31 January 2022.


The military of the republic is the Free People’s Army, headed by the President as the Supreme Commander. It is comprised only of the Ground Forces, headed day to day by the Chief of Staff, currently vacant since 18 April 2022.


East Galway is in law secular with freedom of religion, with the dominant religion being Roman Catholicism. Janism (also known as Jásism), is satirical “cult” that believes that Jan Kotoński, the Premier of East Galway is the Polish Messiah, the true messenger of God, known in Polish as Pan Bóg.


Party politics is currently one of diverse groups, though historically the East Galway Workers’ Party was once the only party in the country.

Geography and climate

The location of the republic, near Galway bay and the Gulf stream, it is from moderately cold to just above freezing and rarely snows in winter, can get to extremes of 30 °C (though rarely) in the summer, moderately warm in spring, and moderately cold in Autumn. A feature that happens all year around is the constant rain as the republic is on the west coast of Ireland and is exposed to the Atlantic.


The Zloty is the official currency, though the Euro is used more. It has a planned economy, under direction of the Department of Labour, under the collective control of Jan Kotoński and Thomas Jacobs.

Culture and media

There are currently no active media publications in East Galway since Pravda shut down in December 2022.


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