Eastern Jarrahview

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Eastern Jarrahview
Territory of  Australis
Flag of Eastern Jarrahview
Country Australis
Founded10 April 2020
 • President of AustralisDaniel Hamilton
Time zoneUTC+8:00 (Australisian Central Time)

Eastern Jarrahview is a territory located within the Second Commonwealth of Australis. Established on 10 April 2020 as Australis Town, it was later renamed Jarrahview, before becoming Eastern Jarrahview following a territorial deal with the Empire of Austenasia. Eastern Jarrahview has previously served as the capital city of Australis, often interchangeably with New Yera.



A disused flag for Australis Town, created in July 2020.
Eastern Jarrahview in January 2020.

The territory was established as Australis Town on 10 April 2020. At this time, the territory was undeveloped, being an empty area of land, however, it was occasionally inhabited by Daniel Hamilton and his family in a caravan. In 2021, the construction was completed of a large water tank on the territory, and a house was completed in late 2022.

Split with Austenasia


Flora and fauna