Eastern Kingdom of Holcetaea

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Eastern Kingdom of Holcetaea
Official language: Holcetaean English
Capital: Royal Hill
Largest Cities: Royal Hill
Date founded: 5 Ogronnos 2510(Coligny Calendar)/23 September 2007

Religion: Roman Catholicism
Government: Monarchy
Current leader: HRM Stefen I
Currency: Imperial Oro, O<

Demonym: Easterners
National food: Chicken
National drink: Coca-Cola
Nation's Total GDP:

The Eastern Kingdom of Holcetaea was created from Stefen's growing lands as the Kingdom of Holcetaea. Eventually King Stefen was forced to join the Empire of Holcetaea as a vassal King. His Kingdom's name was then changed to the Eastern Kingdom of Holcetaea. The religion of the Kingdom is Roman Catholicism. The politics of the Kingdom are centre-left and the Kingdom is neutral in the Imperial party-Autonomy party split in the Empire's politics. Assembly of Eastern Holcetaea: Any citizens of the East are allowed to raise and vote on issues. The Assembly democratically elects two Representatives to the Imperial Council. The Assembly may demand that an issue be dealt with by gaining a simple majority, then the King of Eastern Holcetaea is obliged to bring it before the Council as the Will of The People.


The main feature of the Kingdom is the Avonamawr River(Holcetaean English), also called the Mississippi River in American English. The terrain varies with forests, hills, plains, and farmland. The capital city is Royal Hill, a city in which a third of the city was administered by the Eastern Kingdom and the other two thirds were administered by the Emperor of Holcetaea. Royal Hill as the name suggests is on a hill overlooking farms, and Tagtmeier Palace rest on it. The Eastern Kingdom is bordered by the Principality of Novantaea, the Principality of Attacottia, the Principality of Icenia, and the United States of America.