Eastern Plain Woods National Park

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Public Lands of Wegmat
Eastern Plain Woods National Park
Thatcher Flatwoods
Founded4 April 2019
TypeNational park
HeadquartersEastern Border Visitor Center
LocationStonik, ES

Eastern Plain Woods National Park is a National Park in Stonic, Essef. Used for Hiking and other recreation. The park is made up of the Thatcher Flatwoods. The park has no prominent geographical features. The park preserves the Thatcher Flatwoods and parts of the Point Chiccar Flatwoods.

The Eastern Border Visitor Center is the headquarters for the park and also is a welcome center to Wegmat as it is near a port of entry. Point Chiccar National Forest is to the south of the park and Bailey National Forest to the north. The park is administrated by the Wegmat National Park Agency.