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The Socialist Dictature of the West Eastslavonic union placed on the North Southsalutania river near Magur (more commonly Eastslavonia or ESL, in Slovak Socialistická diktatúra zväzu Východoslovanských národov, in Hungarian Keletszlávia komunista szövetsége) is a micronation located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It has 15 citizens (8 people and 5 animals) and area of 1980,85 m². It was established on 28 August 2020 as the union of Eastslavonia (shortly) by Viktor Izák and Vladislav Frolov The capital city is Zaal, which has currently 0 people living there, but all 8 citizens got permits. Eastslavonia borders with Slovakia.[1]


Word Eastslavonia was mixed up like this: East means that Slovakia is Eastern Europe, Slav means that we are Slavs (Slovenia) and onia is a great ending for a word. The name was chosen randomly as a compromise because the founders didn't know what name should they could give to the new micronation, and not because the word is of Balkan and/ or Russian symbolism. The name was chosen immediately after the establishment of the union.


The Eastslavonian Union (28.08.2020-30.08.2020)

On 28 August 2020, two friends named Viktor Izák and Vladislav Frolov from Bratislava, Slovakia decided to establish their own country. They named it Eastslavonia. Eastslavonia was originally established just for fun and it was not meant seriously, although founders said that they want Eastslavonia to be an independent country. Then, there were elections. You could choose only from two people. Viktor and Vlad. Both of the candidates chose themselves, but as it's written in the rules in §15 on page 2, if the elections are 50-50, the leader is going to be the older one. His excellency Viktor Izák is the Supreme Leader (referred also as President) and Vladislav Frolov is the prime Minister (ref. PM) The area of Eastslavonia was small, it was formed only by an unused part of the beekeeper's parcels. However, shortly after Eastslavonia was established, it fell into inactivity, because of the escape of the Leaders rabbit Boni. This period is called the Dark (mourning) Period because there was a lot of crying and we don't know much about it.

Eastslavonia after the Dark Period (29-30 August 2020-meantime)

On 29 August 2020, the mourning period ended, because the president realized that the rabbit Boni will never come back.

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