Economy of Tavil

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Economy of Tavil Republic
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
Fiscal yearJan 22-Feb 21
GDP growth13,75%
GDP per capita💲438
Inflation8.1% (+0.9%)
below poverty line
39.4% (+11.3%)
Labour force9
Unemployment14.9% (+1.2%)
Average gross salary💲1,009
Average net salary💲893
Main industriesAgricultural products, food and beverage products, wears, options
ExportsWheat, clothing, fabric, meat, food products, clothing products
Main export partners Fiji
 New Zealand
 Puerto Rico
 South Korea
 European Union
Import goodsAgricultural products, food and beverage products, raw materials
Main import partners Turkey
 New Zealand
 Puerto Rico
 United States
 South Korea
 European Union
FDI stock💲0
Public finances
Budget surplus💲10213
Economic aid💲0
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in USD, for FY 2022

The economy of the Tavil Republic is largely undeveloped and small. There are currently very few regulations on the Tavil Republic economy and only several businesses operate there. It is split fairly evenly between the public and private sectors. On the Economic Potential Index, Tavil Republic's economy scores 3.

Full breakdown

Currently, the financial sector contributes roughly three-quarters of the Tavil Republic's GDP while the rest comes from the food and beverage industry.


There is currently no export in the country.


Tavil Republic of Turkey and Serbia depends on the moment, however, the government announced that it would soon begin to agriculture.

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