Edenian-Cat War

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Edenian-Cat War
Frontlines of the war on 6 September 2020.
Date5 September 2020 - 10 October 2020
Frede 30 1901 - Frede 65 1901 (35 days)
Basementia, Great States of O'Duighan
Status Duighan Victory
Cat Republic Confederate Duchy of Eden (Until Frede 51)
Great States of O'Duighan (After Frede 51)
New Scythia (Until Frede 51)
Units involved
Cat Rebels People's National Army

The Edenian-Cat War was a conflict that was located in the basement of Harold Duighan's house in Edenville, the capital of the Duchy of Eden. It began when one of Harold's cats, Chibi, ran under the sink in his basement and refused to come out. Harold formed the Broom Regiment, a group of soldiers armed with the most advanced weapon ever conceived, the Broom. The Broom Regiment surrounded the Sink and began to siege it, by poking Chibi with their brooms, in an attempt to get her to leave the building. A battle ensued, called the Battle of the Sink, which began the war.


This was a propaganda poster discovered in the basement of Edenville, that was made by the Cat Rebels.

The Duchy of Eden is a nation located in the United States, it's territory is 1 acre. It is ruled by Harold_Duighan I, Duke of Eden.

It also includes a large population of Cats. These Cats, however, did not get any representation in Edenian politics, which angered them. This led to Chibi, a major political figure in Cat politics in Eden, to form the Cat Rebels, an underground anti-government terrorist organization, that believed in an ideology called Anti-Humanism, which is an ideology that focuses on the annihilation of the Human Race. They conducted attacks on places in the the Basement Region of Edenville, which was the basement in Harold_Duighan's house. These attacks included pooping on the floor and vomiting all over everything, which led to Harold_Duighan cracking down on the organization, by throwing out the poop and cleaning up the vomit. Eventually, the Cat Rebels realized what Harold was doing, and began what they called. "The Cat Rebellion", and Chibi ran under the Sink, and occupied it, turning it into a fort for the Cat Rebels. This began the war.

First Phase (5 September 2020 - 5 September 2020)

Battle of the Sink

Frontlines of the Edenian-Cat War during the Battle of the Sink.

The Battle of the Sink commenced after the Broom Regiment surrounded the Sink, which was occupied by the Cat Rebels. The Broom Regiment clashed with the Cat Rebels, and began a full-on assault on the Sink, and eventually forced them out. What began next was what is called the Litter Box Offensive.

Litter Box Offensive and rise of the Cat Republic

Litter Box Offensive

Fearing total destruction, Chibi began what is called the Litter Box Offensive, and rallied the Cat Rebels, beginning a campaign to capture the Litter Box, in hopes of getting Harold to accept surrender. The Cat Rebels smashed through Edenian defenses, and captured the Litter Box, establishing the Cat Republic. However, this victory would not last, as Harold planned a counter-offensive, called Operation Sweeper.

Fall of the Cat Rebels and the Cat Republic

Operation Sweeper

Cat Republic at it's greatest extent during the Edenian-Cat War.

Harold planned a counter-offensive called Operation Sweeper, in hopes of crushing the Cat Rebels and the Cat Republic. He sent the Broom Regiment to the Litter Box, and began the counter-offensive. The Cat Rebels, who were taken by surprise, and who were also disorganized, were pushed back, and were beginning to be forced out of the Litter Box. This began the fall of the Cat Republic, and eventually, they were cut in half, and the Cat Republic was crushed.

Battle of Fort Box and the Battle of the Treadmill

Battle of Fort Box

Chibi and the Cat Rebels fled the Litter Box, and ran to a group of box towers, and occupied them, turning them into a fort, called Fort Box. Quickly, Harold sent the Broom Regiment to the fort, and sieged it. A fierce battle ensued, and soon, the Broom Regiment began to invade the fort, and it fell.

Battle of the Treadmill

The final battle for the Cat Rebels, was the Battle of the Treadmill. They were surrounded on all sides, and crushed. Chibi and the Cat Rebels fled, and occupied another set of box towers, and fled underground. The war still rages on.

Continuation of the War and Harold's Exile (September 5, 2020 - )

Afterwards, the war died down to minor skirmishes and small clashes, however territorial changes were miniscule.

Harold's Coup and Exile from Eden (September 9, 2020)

Harold was couped on September 9, 2020, and was forced into exile after he was grounded, which meant he could not run the country. Effectively, he was couped and in exile.

Collapse of the Basement Region after the Second Litter Box Offensive (September 9, 2020 - September 19, 2020)

After Harold's exile, the Edenian military was effectively leader-less, and it could not function. The Cat Rebels took the opportunity, and launched the Second Litter Box Offensive, which was swift and effective, and the Cat Rebels overran the Basement Region, and the Edenians were forced out of Harold's basement. This led to an unofficial ceasefire that took effect on September 19.

Invincible Admiral appointed Provisional President and ceasefire with the Cat Rebels (September 19, 2020)

On September 19, 2020, Harold appointed Invincible Admiral, who was Commander of the Armed Forces, the Provisional President of Eden, and gave him dictatorial powers. The position was made in order to effectively give the nation some form of leadership, because a leader was needed, since the nation was in ruins. Invincible Admiral was appointed, and a ceasefire was also made with the Cat Rebels, though it was not officially declared. The Basement Region was handed over to the Cat Rebels for the time being, until Harold was put back into power. Whilst in exile, Harold armed what was left of the Edenian military with Swiffers, a new weapon for the Edenian military to use against the Cat Rebels. It was only used in the small set of skirmishes that lasted between September 9, 2020 to September 19, 2020, after Harold was exiled.

Dissolution of Eden and Reformation of the Great States of O'Duighan (September 26, 2020)

After Harold returned from exile, he went Justinian I, and told him he wished for Eden to gain independence. Justinian said yes, and Harold gained Eden's independence back. Harold decided that he was going to dissolve Edenm however. He wished to reform the Great States of O'Duighan, as that was his first nation, and so, he did. Two days later, Harold would re-enter the war with the Cat Rebels.

Re-entering the war, and final collapse of the Cat Republic and the Cat Rebels (September 28, 2020 - October 10, 2020)

On September 28, Harold declared that O'Duighan would re-enter the war. Afterwards, minor clashes occurred around the stairs to Harold's basement. However, on October 8, 2020, the Broom Regiment managed to smash through the Cat Rebel's defenses, and push the Cat Rebels to the Litter Box. The Cat Rebels attempted to cut the Broom Regiment off from the stairs to the basement, but the Broom Regiment kept counter-attacking them, even after several attempts. Eventually, the territory captured was secure. On October 9, the Litter Box was secure. On October 10, Chibi ran into Harold's room and jumped into his bookbag, and got stuck, and imprisoned herself in it. At 9:12 PM on the same day, Harold proclaimed victory, ending the war.

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