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An edit war, also known as edit warfare or edit warring is a form of micronational conflict most commonly utilized within the MicroWiki Sector. This form of conflict occurs when two or more conflicting micronations or individuals engage in mass edits of "enemy" MicroWiki page(s). This practice is consistent with vandalism though the two share several distinct differences, the most notable being that while vandalism can be targeted, it is most often a form of "trolling". However, Edit Warfare is when the offending nation's government not only condones the editing but actively uses it as a way to defeat their opponent(s).

The practice is most seen in situations that include (but are not limited to) disputed land claims, jurisdiction, and titles. While providing no physical harm in terms of loss of territory or resources, the action is detrimental to the nation which is a recipient of such an attack. Through editing a wiki page or another reference by adding or taking information, confusion is caused to those trying to learn more about the said nation, thus deterring any interest in it. It is also considered by many within the community to be very annoying.

The practice of Edit Warfare is highly discouraged and frowned upon within the micronational community, however, it still remains a somewhat common practice.

Edit Wars

A few of the notable and ongoing edit wars: