Edward Lance

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High King Edward Lance the Uniter
1st King of Dranoria
Asssumed office
February 8 2011
Predecessor Office established
Successor Scottie the Conquerer
Personal information
Born 30 March 1995 (1995-03-30) (age 28)
Adelaide, South Australia
Citizenship Australia, Dranoria
Nationality Australian, Dranorian
Ethnicity Australian
Occupation Student
Religion Controllist
Nickname(s) "The Steel Toed Tyrant"

Early life

High King Edward Lance the Uniter (also known as King Edward Lance the Tyrant) was born in South Australia on the 30th of March, 1995. He attended private Christian schools since he began school, but didn't believe in any form of god past the age of 7. He will end his education in a specialist science and mathematics school.


Edward founded his Kingdom one day when he was bored and after discovering that Jeremy Oakes was also the head of a micronation, and was seeking to claim land that Edward thought as rightfully his. He formed The Kingdom of Dranoria on several systems of earlier empires, including the Roman, Egyptian, and Medieval English.

Edward led Dranoria for some time, however, Scottie the Conqueror usurped his throne and held it for some time. Edward, not allowing Scottie to take his throne, gathered support and contested the throne a month later.

Prince Jeremy Oakes stood in and offered a solution: a one time royal election. Scottie ultimately won the election, however Edward continues to serve as a Duke of Optima and the High General of Nestopian Forces.


Edward claims that one night a giant controller, shining with golden light appeared to him, and told him to gather his faithful, and to worship him. Edward thus formed the Order of the Controller, a group of highly dedicated acolytes to worship the Controller.

Edward declared himself the first Archon of the Order, and is currently writing the Great Instruction Manual.


King Edward is a competent archer and fencer, allowing him to participate in close range skirmishes and even covert operations without fear. He is also a very skilled pianist and singer.