Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute

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Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute
Date27 October 2021 - 17 November 2021

Declared Diarchy with Madgett holding majority power in the Diarchy.

Status and Results
Ela'r'oech page locked by request of Andrew Perdomo then subsequently unlocked by request of Charles Madgett, later again locked. Christina and Bryce's government is kicked out of the Ela'r'oech discord server. Christina's actions somewhat condemned by areas of the micronational community, notably the Bayou Sector. The creation of the Nowellian government-in-exile. The formation of the United Carolusian Conference. The formation of the Carolusian ideology. A scheduled debate on MicroRamble. Charles and Christina come to an agreement and one-state solution where Charles holds a majority of the power as a diarchy.

Territorial Changes
Ela'r'oech gains numerous more constituencies and protectorates after the dispute begins. Notably on 11–12 November, when 8 new territories were established or declared. Carolusian-Ela'r'oech

Nowellian-GiE declares it will be redrawing border lines, excluding personal territories, such as from Charles Madgett. Nowellian government-in-exile



Commanders and leaders
Christina I & II Charles Madgett

The Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute was a civil dispute in Ela'r'oech between the government led by Prime Minister Bryce and Queen Christina and supporters of Charles Madgett, also known as Carolusians. The power dispute began on October 27, with the abdication of King Anthony. With no designated heir, despite the consensus placing Charles as heir; with even at-the-time King Anthony believing he had designated Charles as heir, Parliament designated Christina I of Cycoldia as Queen.[1]

Subsequent to these events, Charles and other citizens began a protest in the chat of the Elar'oech discord server, proclaiming that the current government was set up by Bryce with no elections, essentially removing the right to vote from the people as he had also previously removed the monarch of it's power and began establishing his own laws and amendments.[2] Notably, he established his cabinet and proceeded to change election cycles from every month to three years.

The disputers and their allies joined a voice channel, originally intended to be a courtroom, where they argued about the power dispute. Charles claimed that Christina was not worthy of being Queen, as he claimed she previously had done nothing public to help Ela'r'oech. He also noted that she wasn't in the royal family where Charles would adopt someone under Elarian law, stating he had done so with Anthony Ramirez before he was proclaimed King.

They continued to argue until Charles had to leave, since then a group known as the Elarian National Party, a conservative political party led by Christopher Billing and Andrew Perdomo, began to negotiate to resolve the dispute. Protests in Ela'r'oech have been noted by the media, as Ela'r'oech News Source has written articles on the dispute already, with an interview as well.[3][4]

Andrew Perdomo has stated that his intentions for the end of the struggle include:

  • A referendum on certain amendments to the Elarian Constitution, as well as a one time election for Monarch
  • The institution of the Monarchy becoming head of state, with a veto that can be overruled with a supermajority in Parliament.
  • Potential Bicameralism in the form of an upper house of nobility.
    Poll showing citizens support for Charles Madgett.

After the Madgett Vs. Ela'r'oech court case, which made the decision of keeping the Parliamentarians in office and requesting a non-legally binding referendum, ENS made an article detailing how Ela'r'oech was now declared dead in the eyes of some citizens. Pontunia also ended foreign relations and it's alliance with Ela'r'oech following the ruling. Mere hours later, Alaria followed issuing a statement defending the Carolinians and openly threatening the Parliamentarian government with war.[5] On 3 November, Charles kicked the government officials from the discord server and announced no war would happen. Following this, Alaria and Pontunia began holding foreign relations with Ela'r'oech again. However, the "new" Ela'r'oech was deemed under partial control under the Cycoldian Imperium. On 4 November, Charles announced he would move a militia towards the Louisiana and Washington State lands. He also announced that he would no longer allow any "big names" from "the MW/MW@D Community/Sector/Whatever" into Ela'r'oech following this conflict. Following the conflict, Alaria has declared war on Cycoldia, leading to the possible Alarian-Cycoldian War.

On 5 November 2021, the Ela'r'oech MicroWiki page was locked, unable to be edited by any regular users. Notably, while it was locked, the page listed Charles Madgett as King of Ela'r'oech. The request was made by Andrew Perdomo, to prevent an edit war. The request was obliged and carried out by Otto Gillespie Birch, with much thanks from the Elarian and Pontunian communities and citizens. Later on it was changed to "disputed," likely to defuse any possible attempts at making any MicroWiki staff appear Carolusian.

Later on, Charles Ross locked the page again and afterwards invited Charles Madgett to MicroRamble, to which he refused and stated that a representative would be put in place instead as he did not see any point to the argument, however still viewed it as a form of entertainment. It was also revealed in mid-November that some documents were being put in order which would effectively end the dispute on both sides, however it is also stated that the documents may end with a Carolusian victory.

On 16 November 2021, Charles Madgett stated that the dispute would end on either two dates, being 20 November or 1 December. He would later be proven wrong, as the dispute was announced to have ended on 17 November 2021, with a one-state solution. On the same day, the dispute was then unresolved as Elarian citizens began protesting attempting to secede. Shortly after, an agreement was met that satisfied the government and people.

Charles regarding the agreements, then the citizen protest, then again the agreement and end of the dispute.

Micronational Responses

In support of Charles Madgett

"My fellow Alarians I know we still pain from the Conflict, but Charles is my friend now and his power in his own nation is gone. Anthony - our previous glorious dictator - has had his power stripped. We must fight this tyranny, where Bryce has all power and dare I say a puppet government has been put in place of the parliament. All they do is vote for whatever he wants to pass. This is tyranny, I won't stand for it. Neither should you."

— 29 October 2021

"It's funny, people are saying that the Pro-Madgett faction isn't co-operating. The same people in government now and the same people defending that government are the same people Charles didn't want to associate with. These are the same people Charles essentially protected Ela'r'oech from. Now he can't, unfortunately. He held a poll that he won. People want him to be King. Christina should own up to it. Bryce should own up to it. Instead of being authoritarian scumbags they should let the people choose their leader. We have. It's Charles. Neither of them. They need to leave. Until they do, Ela'r'oech will no longer have our alliance. I don't care if there's a Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Alarian War. The fact that these people are even being defended after couping a government while in a time of peace that they finally got after months of hardship is appalling. Ela'r'oech finally got that break and now it's been taken by these people, they must be so stressed having to deal with this crap all the time. Furthermore, Alaria apologizes for all the hardships it has caused Ela'r'oech in the past. Well, it apologizes to the government which it belongs to. The government we actually caused turmoil. Hey, Bryce, Ela'r'oech is about to go into another war. It won't be a civil war, that way you can't blame it on Charles."

— 3 November 2021

"Apparently they're getting rid of Charles' house in Ela'r'oech. Probably all of the Louisiana territory, actually, since they can't defend it. They're Ela'r'oech in name only. They're claiming to be Ela'r'oech when they're someone else's community and micronation."

— 16 November 2021

"Charles is the rightful ruler of Ela'r'oech and this outrageous conflict is hurting foreign relations. The government of Ela'r'oech should listen to it's people - if it even cares - and install Charles as King."

— 29 October 2021

The King of Pontunia initially had declared a crisis in Ela'r'oech regarding the power dispute.

"I am declaring a state of emergency for ... a crisis in Ela’r’oech." Afterwards giving a recognition statement, "As King of Pontunia, I declare our recognition of Charles as King of Ela'r'oech"

— 29 October 2021
  • Poloris

    "Eugene tried to take Ela'r'oech from Charles a year or so ago. Essentially, he was almost scammed while just getting into micronationalism. This time, Charles was too nice and got scammed again. Charles is the only person who I would say cares about Ela'r'oech. No one in the current Elarian government has done any work other than behind a computer desk, whereas he has build the place from the ground up. Legitimately, it's almost as if he never did anything for Ela'r'oech, his own nation. It's been taken from him. I feel bad for the guy cause now Ela'r'oech is gonna be getting crap from the same people he explicitly wanted out of or away from Ela'r'oech. He has gone on numerous times about how he doesn't want Ela'r'oech to be a micronation filled with people that you'd normally find on the Microwiki server. Now, the reasoning for this I don't know. But this is his micronation, he made it. No one else did. His wishes should be preserved."

    — 3 November 2021
  •  Melite[6]

The President of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite declares his support to King Charles III of Ela'r'oech in the unfortunate Elarian Monarchy Crisis and recognizes the said King and the Legitimate Monarch of the Elarians.

"Christina" has always been an imperialist monarchist, with Cycoldia always annexing and conquering different Micronations. This time, it will not succeed, with the Carolusians and the people of Ela'r'oech fighting back this tyranny.

Thus, Melite will unilaterally recognize the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech as a State with Charles III as King and Prime Minister Perdomo.

Consequentially, "Christina" I/II and Illegitimate Prime Minister Bryce Smith are personae non grata in Melite and any communication from Melite's side with them and their illegitimate government will be punished harshly.

God Bless Melite and Legitimate Ela'r'oech.

— 11 November 2021

Republica Yara

El Presidente de Republica Yara said that Goverment of Yara is recognizing Charles as legitimate leader, and also El Presidente declared war on Grand Republic of Cycoldia.

  • Richenslandic government-in-exile

    I am sad that I have to address this issue. The nation of Ela'r'oech has been great. I know that under Christina I, the worse can happen and we know this as we have went through it. I fully support Charles Madgett as he is the founder of his nation, the King of his nation. For as long as this crisis goes on, the Richenslandic government-in-exile has regconised Charles Madgett as the King. The puppet government Cycoldia has installed shall be removed. The Richenslandic government-in-exile would also love to establish relations with Ela'r'oech. I hope the micronational community will come to their senses to condemn this act of tyranny.

    — 2 November 2021

In support of Christina

"Although there are some people supporting Charles as monarch, parliament speaks on behalf of the entire nation. As well the nation as a whole I think would benefit from cooperation between both of us and I would love to have Mr. Madgett to help our government with things. He seems like a wonderful person and I have no issues with him, I hope that he may see the benefit of us working together."

— 1 November 2021

I believe that parliament speaks on behalf of the entire nation and I think the nation as a whole would benefit from cooperation between both parties involved. Instead of arguing over everything, I would like to have Mr. Madgett involved with these government affairs along with other party leaders because I know that there are people that are dedicated and I don't have any issues with anyone. I hope that he may see the benefit of us working together and trying to resolve these issues.

— 1 November 2021

Currently, there's a conflict within the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech between Eugene and his cabinet and Charles and I want to say that the DRotUCE will support Eugene and his government in his claim and wishes him and his government good luck on his endeavor.

— 1 November 2021

"Lytera officially recognises Christina as queen. Whilst we would support both sides co-operating, the refusal to do so by the opposition has put the government in a shaky Place. Lytera hops that Mr Madgett sees he is causing more harm then good, and that working together is the best way to solve these issues."

— 1 November 2021
  • Kiban Federation - 1 November 2021