Elarian-Alarian Cold War

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The Elarian-Alarian Cold War
The Fourth Alarian War
Part of The Elarian-Alarian Conflict
Date21 April 2021 - 23 June 2021
 • Ela'r'oech
 • Republic of Worrell (Unofficial)

 • Alaria (21 April 2021 - 10 June 2021)

Militant Organizations

Polarusen Fighters of the Truth (Dec 2021 - 23 June 2021)
Commanders and leaders
Charles Madgett
Matthew Cunningham
Anthony Ramirez II (21 April 2021 - 13 May 2021)
"Max Headroom" (14 May 2021 - 10 June 2021)(Alias)
Unknown, Likely 10+ 6

The Elarian-Alarian Cold War was a war between Ela'r'oech and Alaria which had been going on since the end of the Third Alarian War.

Tensions are moderate between the nations and it has become expected among Elarians for an Alarian War every so often as there has been one just about every other month since September 2020, even though there are no longer any harsh feelings towards the Ramirez family and Ela'r'oech Royalty.

On 13 May 2021, controversial figure Max Headroom - alias name - was elected into office of Head of State in Alaria. This has numerous underlying meanings however this figure had been known for being an outspoken Anti-Elarian.

On 15 May 2021, Alarian Forces took over Mageto, the sixth state of Worrell that consisted of land given by Ela'r'oech. Ela'r'oech still is yet to respond with military action, however Charles, Ela'r'oech King and member of Worrell's house of representatives, had called on the President of Worrell to declare war.

On 10 June 2021, Alaria pulled out of any intimidation tactics and publicly stated they would now support Ela'r'oech, in an attempt to stop any militant organizations in their support from attempting to fight Ela'r'oech.

On 23 June 2021, Elarian forces had finally mobilized into Alaria, starting a possible Fourth Alarian War, the end of the Cold War, and the beginning of a possible end in the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.

Hypothetical Scenarios

There were numerous hypotheticals regarding this cold war and possibilities of it getting "hot." With most giving the victory to an Elarian retaliation. Each scenario will have a percentage of how likely the event is to occur.

Hypothetical Fourth Alarian War Scenarios
Elarian Victory Scenario Probability All Belligerents
Ela'r'oech Ela'r'oech, fed up with Alaria's attempts at war, annexes the now small nation after a week or so of fighting. 50% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Ela'r'oech Ela'r'oech quickly dissolves the nation within a week. 90% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Ela'r'oech Ela'r'oech is able to easily diffuse any conflict, providing a "victory." 10% - 30% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Ela'r'oech Ela'r'oech is able to defeat Alaria leaving it with only 5%-1% of their land from the first Alarian War. 70% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Alarian Victory Scenario Probability All Belligerents
Alaria Alaria is able to take back it's stolen land from Ela'r'oech easily due to no soldiers attending it. 60% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Alaria Alaria is able to destroy Ela'r'oech's server easily, crumbling the foundation of the nation. 80% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Alaria Alaria is able to annex Ela'r'oech within a month or so of war. 5% - 20% Ela'r'oech / Alaria
Unknown Victor Scenario Probability All Belligerents
N/A Ela'r'oech or Alaria is able to convince the other not to go to conflict and to stop the Cold War. 90% N/A
N/A Ela'r'oech holds a surprise invasion before a war can even begin, putting the Cold War into a simple conflict. 40% N/A
Unknown, not Alaria Other nations engage in the war - likely due to the Republic of Worrell's hold on the stolen Alarian Land, now titled "Mageto" as the sixth state - and a nation that isn't Ela'r'oech annexes Alaria. 1% - 20% Ela'r'oech, Republic of Worrell, Others / Alaria
N/A Alaria becomes an Elarian district due to a vote or referendum. 30% N/A
N/A Alaria crumbles due to internal conflict before such a war could get hot. 10% N/A
N/A The conflict stays at a cold war, with neither attempting to engage in a true war. 90% N/A