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State of Koss

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The Federation of Koss elects on national level a head of state — the governor —. The governor is elected for a six-month term by Kossian citizens that are resident in the state.

Governments and elections are not dominated by any major party. Although the governor, Luiza Portes is a member of the National Party of St.Charlie, most of the members of the legislature are indenpedent.

Eligibility to vote

All Kossian citizens may participate in elections to the governor. The restriction age is 12, and only residents may vote.

Citizens Gubernatorial elections Local elections Referendums
Kossian citizens Yes Yes Yes
Special-given rights citizens Yes Yes Yes
Non-Kossian resident citizens No No Yes

Governor of Koss

Order No. Term No. Image Name Affiliation Term start Term end Notes
1 1 Luiza Portes NPSC 6 June 2012 Incumbent '