Ireland Lavender

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Ireland Lavender
1st Chancellor of Bradonia
Assumed office:
9 August 2020
Head of State Brady Lavender
Deputy Chancellor None Appointed
Predecessor position established
Successor Daniel Lavender
Personal information
Partner Lord Klauplillia
Father Joseph Lavender
Mother Josephine Lavender
Born Texas, United States
Political party None
Religion Protestant

Ireland Elizabeth-Katherina Lavender, (born 16 February 2004), is the older sister of Brady Lavender, and the former heir presumptive of the Kingdom of Bradonia. Ireland formally became the heir presumptive of the throne by being appointed by the Monarch to serve the role for the time being, however, being the older sister of the Monarch was however, one of the most important contributing factors to her role as Crown Princess. However, during sometime around 2022-2023 she informally renounced her rights to the throne out of her own will, and has since then, taken on a smaller role in the House of Lavender.

Ireland besides her former role as the heir presumptive is also currently a worker at DutchBro's and is currently a tutor at Kumon and is well known for her poetry, and for her abilities at the Model United Nations club in her former school, Perpendicular IB World School. Ireland was the 1st Chancellor of Bradonia and served in the position from its formation on 9 August 2020 until her resignation from the post on October 10 2020, due to her lack of interest in geopolitics.

During Ireland's term as Chancellor of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, she was widely regarded as a Chancellor with a more "hands-off" approach to governance. Her leadership style often involved allowing events to unfold without actively inserting her own input or involvement. This approach had significant implications for the geopolitical landscape of Bradonia, as it resulted in a shift of governing responsibilities towards the head of state, who at the time was Brady I, and would coincide with the rise of Kingdom of Bradonia and a transition to a more autocratic form of government within Bradonia.

Currently, as of 2023, Ireland is a Privy Councilor, in the Bradonian Privy Council and has begun attending Kyklee University in California alongside starting a relationship with Lord Klapullia.

Non-micronational life

Ireland Elizabeth-Katherina Lavender was born on February 16, 2004, as the eldest child in the Lavender family, one year before Brady Lavender was born. Ireland from an early age demonstrated exceptional maturity, pragmatism, logical thinking, and academic achievements among her siblings. At the age of four, Ireland would start her education at a Montessori School, where she would remain until the 2nd grade. Subsequently, she attended an IB World School by the name of Perpendicular, where she would remain until the 12th grade. Ireland would also, by the age of 10 get an opportunity to go on a Disney Cruise and visit Los Angeles, California.

In the 10th grade, Ireland would embark on a study abroad program in the Querétaro region of Mexico. However, her time abroad was cut short by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and she would shortly be forced return to the United States of America. On August 9, 2020, the formation of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would take place, and Ireland would assume the position of Chancellor for a brief period of time before eventually resigning due to her inherent lack of intrest.

Once the pandemic situation would improve, Ireland would pursue obtaining her driver's license and would within time, successfully pass the driving test, granting her the ability to drive. Later in 2021, Ireland would receive a prestigious poetry award in recognition of her exceptional writing skills, which garnered praise from the Bradonia Royal Family and House of Lavender. As a result, she was presented with the former chancellor, Daniel Lavender's car, and as a result would begin to drive more frequently. In March–April 2022, Ireland would receive acceptance letters from both Nothingthmore and KyKlee colleges, acknowledging her academic talent, she would then, head to KyKlee University in California and eventually begin a relationship with Lord Klaupillia, in which they remain together to this day.

Micronational carrier

After the First Bradonian Anschluss on August 9, 2020, a provisional government would be established in Bradonia, and would take on the form of a liberal autocratic state with Brady Lavender serving as the head of state. Ireland, seeking a role within the newly established provisional government, approached Brady and proposed the position of "Chancellor of State", which was accepted by Brady. As a result, Ireland would become the first Chancellor of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia. However, during her tenure, Bradonia remained an underdeveloped and isolated entity, and while Ireland held the title of head of government it was Brady who primarily handle the administrative responsibilities of the newly established nation.

Ireland's term as Chancellor would ultimately be short-lived, as she would resign from her position as head of government on October 10, 2020, citing an overall lack of interest in governing the nation. Consequently, she found herself politically marginalized within the context of Bradonia's unstable and illegitimate governments. During the period of the illegitimate empire, Ireland briefly held the position of "local monarch", although constituent states were dissolved shortly thereafter due to their inherent instability and idiocracy. Subsequently, Ireland became a Member of Parliament, the Royal Council, and thereafter, the Royal Diet. Presently, Ireland serves as a Privy Councilor, given Bradonia's absence of a distinct legislative body, after the March Dissolution of the Royal Diet.

Titles and styles

Grand Style

By the Heavenly and Divine Grace of God, Her Royal Highness, Ireland Elizabeth-Katherina Lavender, Princess of Bradonia, Grand Duchess of the Pacific, Pristine Duchess of Williamson, Marchioness of Fontana, Countess of Pasadena, Baroness of Glendora, Lady of Claremont.

Noble titles

Kingdom of Bradonia Princess of Bradonia
Kingdom of Bradonia Grand Duchess of the Pacific
Kingdom of Bradonia Duchess of Williamson
Kingdom of Bradonia Marchioness of Fontana
Kingdom of Bradonia Countess of Pasadena
Kingdom of Bradonia Baroness of Glendora
Kingdom of Bradonia Lady of Claremont

Awards and decorations

  • Grand Knight of the Royal Order of Brady I
  • Grand Knight of the Royal Order of Lavender
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Dolphin
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Pacific
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Bear