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Republic of Eltavia
República de Eltavia (Spanish)
Flag of Eltavia
Coat of arms of Eltavia
Coat of arms
and largest city
Official languagesSpanish
GovernmentConstitutional presidential republic
• President
Mathis Sommer Zweifel
Independence from the Kingdom of Spain
• Declared
22 December 2021
• Census
CurrencyEuro (de facto) (EUR)
Time zoneUTC+2
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright

The Republic of Eltavia is a unitary, presidential republic, located on the Iberian Peninsula, which was founded on 22 December 2021 by Mathis Sommer Zweifel. The official language of the Republic is Spanish.

The Republic of Eltavia is a country based on human rights and international law.


  • 23-12-2021: The Constitution was approved.
  • 07-01-2022: Eltavia pronounces itself as neutral in the events in Kazakhstan.
  • 15-1-2002: On the occasion of the suspension of the @Bulldog_Punk account, Eltavia expressed its strong condemnation of Twitter for suspending any account for disagreeing with the ideological stances of its owners. President Riivo Kap spoke out: No excuse is tolerable when it comes to imposing restrictions on freedom of expression in public media, Twitter being in practice the equivalent of a town square, not even its owners are anyone to prohibit users of the platform from expressing opinions or ideological positions.
  • 26-1-2022: The Eltavia Product Disinfection Act was passed, regulating the disinfection of any surface of products purchased in supermarkets.
  • 29-1-2022: Adopted the Law on Eltavia National University, the official academic teaching and research institution of the Republic of Eltavia.
  • 30-1-2022: The logo of Eltavia National University was created.
  • 2-2-2022: The Treaty on Mutual Recognition and Cooperation between the Republic of Abenica and the Federal Republic of Eltavia was ratified.

Micronational reactions to the 2022 Kazakhstan Protests

The Republic of Eltavia received with suspicion and deep questioning the alleged popular mobilizations in Kazakhstan, since the only images that are coming from them are from Radio Free Europe, an agency created by the US CIA in the Cold War for propaganda in Eastern Europe.

Moreover, these mobilizations benefit the interests of NATO and the United States to encircle Russia and continue to press its relentless advance, violating all the verbal agreements they reached with the former Soviet Union not to continue expanding towards the East.

Likewise, Eltavia does not recognize and condemns the brutal dictatorial regimes in Russia and Kazakhstan, and supports the real movements for the expansion of individual freedoms and democracy in these countries.

For all these reasons, Eltavia did not collaborate with any of the parties in this conflict, as it did not allow itself to be used as a puppet of imperialist or dictatorial interests.


Executive power in the Republic of Eltavia is vested in a president, who is the head of state and government. The President is elected by the people and serves a four-year term. The people may initiate a recall referendum to remove the President from office, which is valid if it receives more than 50% of the valid votes cast, with a turnout of at least 51% of the electorate.

The President of Eltavia can pass laws, decrees and resolutions, with the only limit that none of them authorise the modification of the Constitution, of laws passed by Parliament, or that they are rules with retroactive effect.

Parliament may repeal and annul any law, decree and resolution passed by the President of Eltavia, provided that no more than fifteen working days have passed since they were passed.

The President represents Eltavia abroad and is responsible for appointing and dismissing ambassadors.

The President of Eltavia is obliged to call regular elections as provided for in the Constitution to Parliament, and cannot delay them except in a serious crisis that threatens national stability.