Emblem of Amazonia

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Emblem of Yusienia
Armiger Republic of Yusienia
EscutcheonA compass, a gear and a dip pen, in top and bottom the date of the state name changed to Yusienia and the date of the signning of the Amazonian declaration of indeopendence
SupportersGrape branch and olive branch

The current National Emblem of the People's Revolutionary Republic of Yusienia is adopted in 2023.


In the center of the Emblem presents a compass, a gear and a dip pen, representing science, engineering and art, and a rising sun, representing hope, surrounded by the rich Cornucopias representing the richness of the country, containing grain, fruit and gold coins, in the top there presents the shell representing Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, and the six-pointed mullet representing the Hexasophy, and the moon representing Artemis the goddess of hunting, and in the sides there are two crops common to Yusienia, grape and olive, present in branches.


Since the establishment of Yusienia, the national emblem has been changed many times. The current Emblem is designed by Aurora Twinkle in summer 2022, and changed the center part to current compass-pen-cogwheel in May 2023.

Historical and proposed arms