Emir of Acre

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Emir of Islamic Emirate of Acre
Hafez I
StyleHis Highness
First monarchHafez I
Formation25 January 2020

The Emir of Acre is the royal head of state of the Islamic Emirate of Acre. The Emir is usually considered a constitutional monarch, as he is constrained by parliamentary supremacy, according to which all bodies of government are subject to the sovereignty of the Akkan Parliament.


The Emir is heavily constrained by the powers of Parliament, and so mostly relies on soft power. He does however enjoy a greater scope of power in the fields of foreign policy and war; he is the sole figure capable of recognising other states, and can instigate war, though he has never done so. As the head of the Akkan military, he is also responsible for leading military forces during wartime.

As a constitutional norm, the Emir's assent is sought for bills before they are passed by Parliament, allowing him to affect change through making his assent conditional on certain changes, though legally his assent is unnecessary for the bill's passing. He also enjoys close relations with the People's Democratic Union, allowing him to influence the legislature through advising their members of Parliament. In practice, the respective power of the Emir and the Parliament ebbs and flows based on the partisan makeup of Parliament, the Emir's interest in exerting his will at any given time, and the level of support for each institution from the general public.