Emosian Civil War

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Emosian Civil War
Part of the Spunkanese War of Independence
Date15 April - 23 April 2019
Result Emosian/Phoklandian Victory
Khanate of Spunkia Empire of Emosia
Tsardom of Phokland
Commanders and leaders

Thomas Ellis, Great Khan of Spunkia

James I, Emperor of Emosia

Charles I, Tsar of Phokland
3 troops 45 troops

The Emosian Civil War was a month long conflict between the separatist group, Khanate of Spunkia and the imperial government of the Empire of Emosia.


Conflict began on the evening of 15 April 2019, when (whilst on a state visit) the monarch of Phokland Tsar Charles I entered the Emosian Phoklandian Embassy in the emosian capital of Kyber. This visit was unannounced and as such, the Phoklandian Ambassador to Emosia, Thomas Ellis was not present (even though, said embassy was located in his bedroom). Sometime between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm (MST), Ambassador Ellis returned to the embassy and became angry seeing that not only the monarch (whom he was okay with being there) was there, but also the Emosian Sovereign Emperor James Ellis whom Ambassador Ellis shared a mutual disliking with.

Due to this seemingly unethical breach of privacy, Ambassador Ellis demanded the immediate removal of the Emperor. This sparked a heated argument between the two parties that ended with Ambassador Ellis renouncing his Phoklandian/Emosian citizenship and declaring the independence of his room as the Khanate of Spunkia.


During the span of the war, several "battles" broke out in which melee weapons were mainly employed.

First Siege of the Phoklandian Embassy

Shortly after Thomas Ellis' deceleration of Spunkanese independence, He was forcefully removed from the Emosian Phoklandian Embassy and the main door to said embassy was bolted shut. Inside, the Phoklandian sovereign Tsar Charles I and the Emosian sovereign Emperor James I acquired a small stash of antique swords that were located in the embassy and decided to hunker down and ride out Mr. Ellis' believed outburst. However, Mr. Ellis (realizing that he could not fight back on his own) Left Emosia and went to his friends' houses to gather a small "army". While he was away, Charles and James left the embassy and acquired more weapons (in the form of knives from the Emosian Imperial Arsenal). They also gathered bottled water and food.

Shortly after returning to the embassy, Mr. Ellis (now going by the self assigned title of Thomas I) returned with three other individuals (all armed with airsoft weapons) and together, the three men laid siege to the embassy.

Sometime during the multi hour siege, one of the two monarchs holding the embassy opened a window. This opening gave the besiegers the opportunity to strike and before either of the two men could respond, Mr. Ellis and one of his troops climbed in through said window and assaulted both rulers. Knowing that the situation was hopeless and that the rest of the capital would soon fall, Emperor James I and Tsar Charles I fled the embassy and the Emosian capital of Kyber all together, electing instead to flee to the neighboring territory of Victoria. There, the two called their respective armies and officially declared war on the now established Khanate of Spunkia.

First Invasion of Kyber

Shortly after consolidating power, the Spunkanese military swiftly invaded the undefended Kyber and began plans to invade Victoria. This came to fruition when (at 7:00 pm MST) Spunkanese troops under the command of Mr. Ellis himself, invaded Victoria and surprised the unprepared Emosian/Phoklandian armies who had only just arrived.

Seeing that the capital was undefended, Mr. Ellis ordered an all out assault on the structure, said attack involved the use of not only airsoft guns, but also rock projectiles, small scale pipe bombs, small explosives (rigged using fireworks) and melee weapons (made up of multiple knives and a sword). The Defenders (armed only with a pocket knife and a few swords) swiftly retreated and after a small skirmish in which Emperor James's lip was busted open by a flying rock and Tsar Charles' arm was badly cut by a sword, the joint defensive army retreated to the other side of the territory.

Battle of Venuvia

The Battle of Venuvia was a military assault preformed by the Emosian Imperial Military in an attempt to regain control over the provincial capital of Victoria. This battle resulted in a stalemate and a 12 hour armistice between the two warring nations.

Second Invasion of Kyber

Twenty four hours later, The Emosian/Phoklandian Army decided that an all out invasion of Kyber was required to win the war. Therefore, at 2:45 pm MST, a two man joint task force infiltrated the territory and after a short fire fight behind the royal palace, the group acquired access to the capital and gained an airsoft rifle that was dropped by one of the defenders as he fell back to the embassy.

Battle of Balmorra

After retreating to Spunkanese territory, the forces decided to split themselves in half, and while Thomas Ellis and one of his men remained (unarmed) at the embassy to negotiate peace, the remainder of the forces slipped out through the embassy's window and attempted to flee to Victoria in an attempt to siege the territory while the Emosian/Phoklandian army was away, massing for an invasion into the Spunkanese island of Onderon.

Soon after, The two man joint task force gained entry to the embassy and Mr. Ellis and his aid surrendered without incident. This however was proven to be a ruse, when (after Mr. Ellis' aid attacked one of the joint force members) Thomas took this moment to flee and following a short fist fight, the aid also escaped (after taking back the airsoft weapon that the task force was using). Both Thomas Ellis and his aid made it back to the occupied capital of Victoria where they met up with the remainder of their army.There, they decided to make their last stand against the joint Emosian/Phoklandian task force who at this time had already arrived at the territory along with several small explosives and knives/swords that had been taken from the captured embassy.

Seeing this, two of the Spunkanese troops surrendered and after leaving their weapons behind, left the battle and returned to their homes.

Following this, Mr. Ellis and his only remaining soldier (his aid) charged at the incoming forces in a last ditch attempt to maintain their territory. The ensuing battle saw some of the most brutal fighting of the entire war, with both sides suffering from bodily injury.

The conflict lasted roughly 45 minutes, during which time the Spunkanese forces threw several large rocks and small commercial grade explosives at the oncoming troops. For their part, the Emosian/Phklandian forces threw their own explosives back at the Khanate.

After running out of explosives, getting mostly surrounded and not wanting to surrender, the remaining Spunkanese forces dropped their weapons and ran back to the Emosian Phoklandian Embassy. On their way, they incounted small scale civilian resistance in the Kyberian village of Balmorra. This resistance was overall ineffective and the Spunkanese men were able to make it to the embassy where they barricaded themselves inside.

Second Siege of the Phoklandian Embassy

Soon after the Spunkanese troops barricaded themselves in the Emosian Phoklandian Embassy, the Phoklandian/Emosian forces quickly surrounded and laid siege to the embassy. The siege lasted all of ten minutes before (seeing all was lost) Mr. Ellis and his aid surrendered unconditionally.


Following the nation of Spunkia's surrender, Mr. Ellis was placed under house arrest within Kyber, Emosia and his aid was expelled from the nation.

Peace Treaty

Eight days later (after an unsuccessful attempt from the dismissed Spunkanese forces to rescue Mr. Ellis) The governments of Phokland and Emosia met to discuss how to deal with the Khanate of Spunkia. In the end, it was decided that both Emosia and Phokland would recognize Spunkia as a nomadic micronation in return for the annexation of the Spunkanese island of Onderon into the Empire of Emosia. In addition, Mr. Ellis would be forced to abdicate his position as Khan of Spunkia. Spunkia would also have to disband its military and to never again raise an army unless first asked to by either the Phoklandian or Emosian governments. These terms were agreed to and on 23 April 2019, the war was officially ended.


The Aftermath of the Emosian Civil War saw the annexation of the territory of Onderon into the empire. This paved the way for the creation of the micronation of Gendarania one month later. The war also cemented both Emosia and Phokland as micronational "Superpowers" within the eyes of the OAM. In addition, Mr. Ellis was restored to the position of "Ambassador to Emosia" and was re-issued Phoklandian citizenship.