Monarchy of Forestria

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Emperor-King of Imperial States of Forestria
Elias I
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptivePrince Imperial Luke
First monarchElias I
Formation30 October 2019

The monarch of the Imperial States of Forestria is the head of state, sovereign ruler and the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army.



The emperor holds sovereign powers and is an absolute monarch. At the coronation, the emperor must vow to protect the nation and treat the people fairly.

The monarch is the most powerful person in the Empire and Commonwealth.


According to Google Translate, which has been known to be unreliable, the translation of Emperor of Forestria. to Latin, is Imperator Forestriæ. Which according to Google Translate, means Emperor of the Forest.

Line of Succession

Under the law, the Imperial Line of Succession is through the male. This is only true if the first born is male. If the first born isn't a male, then it will pass through the female then back to male.


The coronation is usually in three parts and is done every new monarch. The first part is usually done three days before the coronation ceremony. It is the announcement, where the emperor and the royal family announce the coronation. The second and third parts are on the same day. The second part is the luncheon where guests and news reporters are allowed to dine. The third part is where the emperor vows to protect and serve the Constitution and people of the Empire. He also has the Imperial State Crown put on his head.


The full title of the Forestrian Emperor is:

His/Her Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King/Empress-Queen of Forestria and Curia Ninjoa, Prince/Princess of Oniya, Grand Duke/Duchess of Krell, GCFA, OF, GOF, and the GAFN, etc.

List of monarchs

Monarchical Styles of the
Monarch of Forestria
Reference style His/Her Imperial Majesty
Spoken style His/Her Imperial Majesty
Alternative style His/Her Majesty

This is a list of emperors:

Emperors of Forestria
Name House Reign
Elias I House of Oberholtz 30 October 2019 – present