Emperor Garrett I

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A portrait of Garrett
A portrait of Garrett

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Garrett the First of Escova (more commonly known as Garrett I) is the current reigning monarch of the Empire of Escova.


Founding the Kingdom of Garresroom

Garrett Boyd founded the Kingdom of Garresroom on the 12th of November, 2010, with the help of Duked Davies and Mannery. Crowned King Garrett the First of the Kingdom of Garresroom, Garrett immediately drew up a Charter of Rights for the people of his nation. A week into his rule, King Garrett realized his Kingdom was plagued from the beginning with a poor governmental system, with confusing offices and contradicting titles. The government became weaker and weaker, until finally, on the 22nd of November 2010, King Garrett abolished the Kingom of Garresroom and replaced it with the Empire of Escova, and crowning himself Emperor Garrett the First.

Emperor of Escova

Upon the first day of his reign, Emperor Garrett completly revamped and reorganized the government, creating better offices and titles, and completly reworking the Charter of Rights And Laws of the Empire. The Empire grew steadily, until it had several house sized posessions under its control. The Emperor rewarded his subjects with titles and land to govern, such as Dukes Davies and Mannery.

Image and Foreign Policy

The Emperor always wants the Empire to see him as a man of the people, and though not elected to office, maintains good relations with his subjects, as with his nobles. The Emperor as an active serving member of the Escovan Military, the Emperor chose to be crowned in full dress uniform, and is quite proud of his military backround. He expects his nobles and subjects to abide by the rules of the Empire, and those who do not receive swift excommunication. The Emperors Foreign Policy constitutes of friendship and then neutrality. As the Empire is a relatively young country, its Emperor does not wish to be entagled in foreign affairs. Instead of making allies with other nations, the Empire of Escova executes informal friendship. This means that both nations recognize each other as friends, but are not bound to each other's terms. The Empire of Escova promises to be faithful to all nations in a friendship, which means that peace shall be maintained with that nation as well as possible. Along with this pledge, the Empire of Escova hopes to maintain contact with these nations to accomplish goals of both nations, and other friendly acts/assistance


Emperor Garrett is a strong believer in the Christian faith, and has a moral code to fit his faith. The Emperor does not uphold violence, but nor does he condemm it, for if any person is at the risk of their liberties or rights threatened, the Emperor is willing to strike back at the oppressors. He believes that the people of his nation need to see him as a man of the people, and has made many laws concerning their safety and personal rights. The Emperor is a firm believer in a absolute monarchy, for one man can better lead a nation than a bunch of squabbling polititons. However, the Emperor does keep a council of nobles, the House of Lords, that advise and put forth bills for his approval.

Full Titles as Emperor

His Imperial Majesty, Garrett the First, By the Grace of God ruler of the Escovan's, Lord High Protector of the Realm, Emperor of the Sovereign Empire of Escova.