Empire of Amazon Lily

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Empire of Amazon Lily
Empire d'Amazon Lily
Imperium Amazon Lily
Flag of
Imperial Seal of
Imperial Seal
Liberty, Equality, Justice (national)[a 1]
In God And Emperor We Trust (imperial)[a 2]
Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress![a 3]
Imperial Coat of Arms
Amazon Lily Imperial Coat of Arms.png
Amazon Lily's Location.png
and largest city
Amazon Lily City
Official languagesEnglish, French, Ecclesiastical Latin, Japanese, Chinese
Official ScriptEnglish Alphabet, French Orthography, Latin Alphabet, Shinjitai, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Ethnic groups
—65.2% European
—52.1% North American
—6.1% Asian
—4.1% Indigenous
—3.4% African
Multireligious (de jure)
TypeSupranational Confederation
Feudal Ecclesiastical Empire
Universal Empire
GovernmentConfederal One-Party Divine Theocratic Absolute Diarchy (de jure)
Totalitarian Collective Benevolent Dictatorship (de facto)
• Emperor
Alexander Yamamotob
• Empress
Boa Hancock
• Foundation
May 18, 1983
• Estimate
1,652,642,280 (1st)
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$85.560 trillion (1st)
• Per capita
$65,500 (1st)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$30.450 trillion (1st)
• Per capita
69.950 (1st)
Gini 2.5
low · 1st
HDI 0.950
very high · 1st
CurrencyAmazon Lily Dollar ($) (ALD)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-2 (Amazon Lily Standart Time)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+99
  1. Amazonian is used to refer the Citizens of Amazon Lily while Amazon is mostly used to refer a member of the all-female private religious tribe, the Kuja Tribe, as most Western observers and historians refer them after the mythical Amazons of ancient Anatolia and the Black Sea.
  2. As emperor, Alexander Yamamoto also holds three concurrent positions: President of the Amazon Lily Imperial Association, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, serving as emperor and supreme leader of the Empire of Amazon Lily alongside his wife, Boa Hancock.

Amazon Lily[b 1], officially known as the Empire of Amazon Lily[b 2], is a massive global empire and supranational confederation of allied nations, feudal states and vassal states occupying the Amazon Lily's Island of Women and half of the world since the birth of the Empire in May 18, 1983.

Amazon Lily is a powerful absolute diarchy, where the Emperor and Empress are the sole supreme sovereigns of the Island and both heads of state and government. Amazon Lily's official languages are English, French, Ecclesiastical Latin (mostly for religious ceremonies), Japanese and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified). The current sovereigns are Emperor Alexander Yamamoto and Empress Boa Hancock, founders and rightful sovereigns of Amazon Lily.

Established in May 18, 1983, following the "Proclamation of the New Order" and "Formation of the First Empire of Amazon Lily", the empire was formed when Emperor Alexander Yamamoto, a selfless religious zealot, felt that it was his duty and divine destiny to unite the world under a equal government in his name and in the Lord's name, and prove it when he declared the Formation of the Empire of Amazon Lily, thus ensuring the survival of civil rights and the Liberty, Equality, Justice. Emperor Alexander was crowned on December 2, 1983 at the Amazon Lily City Cathedral, many Amazonians have proclaimed Emperor Alexander as "Alexander Yamamoto, Emperor, Autocrat and First Among Equals of All-Amazon Lily and the World".


Prehistoric to classical history

Feudal era

Modern era

Pre-Imperial era

Before the rise of the Empire, the Republic of Amazon Lily (simply known as Amazonian Republic) was founded in 1975 (BRA 8) after the fall of the Confederacy of Amazon Lily by the execution of the Confederacy Council members by the Republicans who led the Amazonian Revolution supported by the United States and the United Kingdom (who were Confederacy of Amazon Lily's potential enemies). The Revolutionary Army led a desperate fight against the Amazonian Confederate Army, like during the Battle of Amazon Lily City and the siege of the Confederate Palace (now turned into the Presidential Palace and later and currently the Imperial Palace of the Emperor of Amazon Lily). After 8 months of fighting, the Confederates surrendered and were executed for crimes against humanity, denial of rights and no respect of equality of races and sexes.

They proclaimed the Republic of Amazon Lily, and lead a series of reforms as guaranteeing the civil rights and civil liberties and the beginning of reparation of the capital. In September 3, 1976 (BRA 7), the National Convention organised a reunion about the establishment of a constitution. The Constitution of the Republic of Amazon Lily (also the Constitution of the Amazonian Republic) was signed and enacted with a President of the Republic as head of state and head of government and owner of the executive power with a benevolent military government. The Republic of Amazon Lily established multiple alliances like with the United States and the United Kingdom who were its supporters and now allies. The Republic send an Amazonian Expeditionary Force to the Vietnam War supporting the Americans and South Vietnam against the North Vietnam due of the strong presence of Anti-Communism in Amazon Lily, but were departed due of the defeat of the Americans and the decisive victory of North Vietnam that actually led the reunification and the formation, in current days, of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Amazonian Republic suffered a Communist uprising, but again supported by the United States and the United Kingdom against the Amazonian Communists supported by the East European Communist countries and supported by North Korea in secret.

In 1980 (BRA 3), Amazon Lily faced a political crisis due of the incompetence of the Government of the Republic of maintaining order, justice and stability, the growing racist and communist movements and in the threat of a coup d'état or a civil war. Two months of the same year, a brilliant Egalitarian politician, a charismatic man of peace and a great admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander Yamamoto, won the election with success and demand that he should exercise executive and legislative powers. He led a series of arrest of racist and communist followers, and the establishment of a strong and autocratic benevolent military dictatorship under his presidency. In August 2, 1981 (BRA 2) The Amazonian people, and the Senate proclaim Alexander Yamamoto President for Life and protector of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity of our Paradise. Alexander Yamamoto was venerated through a cult of personality for heroic actions like saving Amazon Lily from of a upcoming civil war and portraying him in similar fashion of Kim-Il Sung, but he stated that he's not a Communist and actually extremely anti-Communist as he's an United States supporter.

Imperial era

In May 18, 1983 (BRA 0), Alexander Yamamoto led a great speech after the event a group of Sith Cultists attempting of overthrowing him but he defeated them after revealing to them that he's a all-powerful Force-user and strongly skilled in Lightsaber combat, declaring that in order to ensure the security, the continuing stability and protection of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and that the Republic will be reorganized into the Empire of Amazon Lily for a safe paradise, protecting liberty and securing their society and was proclaimed by the Senate in full of cheer and officially crowned in December 2 of the same year as Emperor of Amazon Lily.

The Empire of Amazon Lily under the incredible leadership of Emperor Alexander became a series of fighting against minor wars across the world by supporting the factions only if they are interesting on goodness, benevolence, equality and respect, helping them defeating their main enemies. The Empire of Amazon Lily became more and more popular around the world for his heroic actions of maintaining the world safe from terrorists and criminals. Suddenly the entire world proclaims the Empire of Amazon Lily as the rightful international peacekeeping government due of the incompetence of the United Nations having no military force as Emperor Alexander described it as the Second League of Nations who again like the First League of Nations have failed of maintaining peace and stability around the world and never have a military force, but due of the benevolence of Emperor Alexander, he decided to give the United Nations a chance under his advice and honorary leadership.





Government and Politics

Imperial Propaganda Poster.

The Fundamental Laws of the Empire of Amazon Lily officially states the nation as a Confederal One-Party Divine Theocratic Absolute Diarchy and Totalitarian Collective Benevolent Dictatorship, functions as a highly centralized divine empire and follows the traditional principle of Meritocracy, in which the most strongest and most skilled warrior is allowed to rule the Empire. The Emperor and Empress are regarded as the sole sovereigns of the Empire of Amazon Lily. The Emperor and Empress are the Heads of State, Heads of Government, and supreme leaders of the Empire of Amazon Lily, and have absolute and unlimited executive, legislative and judicial powers in their hands. The Emperor and Empress have completely absolute and unlimited power, and govern the nation together alongside their ministers who are responsable to them. Although it is an absolute diarchy, there is personal liberty, and the Emperor and Empress forbids to their subjects to criticize the government, their Emperor and their Empress (insulting the Emperor and Empress is a serious crime and can result in a ten year prison sentence or even death sentence). There is also an unicameral legislature called the Imperial Senate but has no real legislative power (which is reserve for the Emperor and Empress) and serves only as a traditional advisory council of the Emperor and Empress and listen their speeches. There's also a living tribe called the Kuja Tribe, an all-female Amazonian private religious tribe, responsable of the safety of the Amazon Lily Subjects, and they have the absolute right of authority over Imperial military, Government, headed by the Emperor and the Empress respectively. There is also a political party named the Amazon Lily Imperial Association who dominates the Empire of Amazon Lily political and social life.

A prohibition called Slavery Prohibition, is an absolute prohibition in the Amazon Lily, for reasons the Emperor and Empress are strongly and extremely anti-slavery. The Fundamental Laws established the capital punishment for many crimes, like rape, and even coup d'état against the Emperor and Empress' rule. One year later the Emperor and Empress abolish Slavery Prohibition and allow their citizens (especially the Emperor and the Imperial Family) to practice slavery but only through benevolence and respect. But slavery can be used as judicial punishment for criminals, traitors and rebels.

Administrative divisions

Foreign relations




Science and technology




Water supply and sanitation



The Amazon Lily Imperial Constitution formally describes the Empire of Amazon Lily as an "Multireligious Theocracy" which all religions are permitted and supported by the Imperial Government, with Amazon Lily Catholic Church, Amazon Lily Episcopal Church, Amazon Lily Orthodox Church and Amazon Lily Imperial Cult as the Empire's de facto state religions, however the Constitution guarantees and protects the freedom of religion in the Emperor's name and extremely forbids religious discrimination. The Empire of Amazon Lily is characterized as an Esoteric Clerical Theocracy and Confederal Ecclesiastical Empire, said the Emperor is a Physical God and the Vicar of God and holy custodian of equality of citizens and possessing mystical abilities to heal and free his loyal subjects from Evil influences, and most Amazonians view the Emperor as the omnipotent incarnation of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.





Art and architecture

Literature and philosophy

Performing arts


  • January 1, New Year's Day (Nouvel an/Jour de l'an/Premier de l'an)
  • February 16, Emperor's Birthday (Anniversaire de l'Empereur)
  • Between 23 March and 26 April, Easter Monday (Lundi de Pâques)
  • Two days before Easter, Good Friday (Vendredi saint)
  • May 1, May Day/Labour Day (Fête du Travail/Fête des Travailleurs)
  • May 8, Victory over Europe (Fête de la Victoire)
  • May 18, Empire Day (Journée de l'Empire)
  • 39 days after Easter Monday, Ascension Day (Ascension)
  • 50 days after Easter Monday, Whit Monday (Lundi de Pentecôte)
  • July 14, Victory over Confederates (Victoire contre les Confédérés)
  • August 15, Assumption of Mary to Heaven (Assomption)
  • November 1, All Saints' Day (Toussaint)
  • November 11, Armistice Day (Armistice de 1918)
  • December 2, Coronation Day (Journée du Sacre)
  • December 25, Christmas Day (Noël)
  • December 26, Saint Stephen's Day (Deuxième de Noël)





  1. (French: Liberté, Égalité, Justice; Latin: Libertas, Aequitas, Iustitia; Japanese: 自由、平等、正義 Jiyū, Byōdō, Seigi; Chinese: Traditional: 自由、平等、正義; Simplified: 自由、平等、正义; pinyin: Zìyóu, Píngděng, Zhèngyì)
  2. (French: Nous Avons Foi En Dieu Et En L'Empereur; Latin: In Deo Et Imperator Speramus; Japanese: イン・ゴッド及び皇帝・ウィー・トラスト In Goddo Oyobi Kōtei U~ī Torasuto; Chinese: Traditional: 我們信仰神和皇帝; Simplified: 我们信仰神和皇帝; pinyin: Wǒmen Xìnyǎng Shén Hé Huángdì)
  3. (French: Longue vie à l'Empereur ! Longue vie à l'Impératrice !; Latin: Vivat Imperator in Aeternum! Vivat Imperatrix in Aeternum!; Japanese: 皇帝陛下万歳 ! 女帝陛下万歳 ! Kōtei Heika Banzai ! Jotei Heika Banzai !; Chinese: Traditional: 皇帝陛下萬歲! 女帝陛下萬歲!; Simplified: 皇帝陛下万岁!女帝陛下万岁!; pinyin: Huángdì Bìxià Wànsuì! Nǚdì Bìxià Wànsuì!)
  1. (Japanese: アマゾン・リリー Amazon Rirī; Chinese: Traditional: 亞馬遜百合; Simplified: 亚马逊百合; pinyin: Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé)
  2. (French: Empire d'Amazon Lily; Latin: Imperium Amazon Lily; Japanese: アマゾン・リリー帝国 Amazon Rirī Teikoku; Chinese: Traditional: 亞馬遜百合帝國; Simplified: 亚马逊百合帝国; pinyin: Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé Dìguó)