Empire of American Britain and Portugal

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Empire of American Britain and Portugal
Flag of Empire of American Britain and Portugal
Motto: 'My melee not good, I block like I'm a hood.'
Anthem: In The Flesh (Pink Floyd)
LocationVarious points in North America
Official languagesPortuguese, English
• Emperor
Lacobus I
EstablishmentJune 2015
CurrencyU.S. Dollar

American Britain and Portugal (formerly, 'American Byzantium') is a micronational Empire, belonging to the Kingdom of Higgsbury. It comprises nearly all of the Olympic Peninsula, colonies in Cape Town and Melbourne, and a Brazilian dominion, Dom Peterland.


American Byzantium

Founded in early 2015, the Byzantine-American Empire saw itself as the true Fourth Rome, with a number of its citizens practicing Roman Polytheism. The nation, whose former capital state was Higgsbury, consisted of both semi-autonomous regions as well as divisions ruled by nobles.

In its later years, American Byzantium became more active with its foreign relations, and signed an alliance with the Empire of Paravia. As well as alliances, hostilities grew between the Empire and other nations, as was the case with the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands.

In its final years, the American Byzantium Empire formed an alliance with the Empire of Paravia and hostilities began with the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of Coral Islands.

American Byzantium was dissolved on 1 January 2016, and reorganized into a new nation, known as American Britain and Portugal. Despite the dissolution of the old Empire, all client states remained loyal and to the Empire.

The new Empire's early days

Even with the rebuilding of the empire, there were problems though It was apparent that most of the Empire's statesmen were absent, leading to inactivity and stagnation in most of the branches of government. Not only this, but the new nation had just had a falling-out with an Oklahoma Baroness, and lost any credibility to its claim of the Tar Creek Superfund site. This instability was topped off by the revolution led by Prince Jeffery of Avetia. The nation fell into activity.

By mid-January, it was decided that if the Empire would survive, there would need to be several reforms to keep it active. These reforms, kick started by Emperor Lacomus, landed the Empire several new generals, a new Ministry of Culture, along with expansion in overseas territories.

Further tensions with Avetia would arise when Prince Jeffery found that almost all of the new statesmen were white nationalists. Lacomus I went to Rowe, with intentions to usurp him as king. This failed, and when it did, the Emperor granted Avetia its independance.