Empire of Andrestan

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Empire of Andrestan
Motto: For the Empire and the Emperor!
LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFortanian system
• Emperor
Andres IV
• Elector Heir Apparent
LegislatureCouncil of Elector Princes
Establishment16 January 2016
• Census

The Empire of Andrestan, more commonly shortened to Andrestan, is a sovereign micronation in the United Arab Emirates. it is closely related to the Abeldane Empire yet not directly related to it in any official way. However, the two empires share their emperor, namely Newton, styles as Andres IV in Andrestan. It is a federal monarchy based on the German empire. The official religion is the Andrestani Church, which is endorsed by the state (Hence its officiality).


States of Andrestan

The Empire currently consists of seven constituent member states, which are listed below:

  • Kingdom of Aquilox
  • Kingdom of Carlania
  • Kingdom of the Furkin
  • Kingdom of Fontania
  • Principality of Annaland
  • Principality of Marshonia
  • Grand Duchy of Adolfonia

Foreign Affairs

Mutual Recognition: