Empire of Antarctica

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Empire of Antarctica
Flag of Empire of Antarctica
Motto: Virtus nostra non a glacie, quae terram nostram operit, sed ab igne in cordibus nostris.
Our strength does not come from the ice that covers our land, but from the fire in our hearts.
Anthem: Frozen Heartlands
CapitalSt. Justus
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor
Skyler Ward I
• Prime Director
• First Established
July 19, 2010
• Census
CurrencyMarie Byrd Dollar

The Empire of Antarctica, or EoA, is a virtual nation that actively seeks to unite other Discord servers and communities with the name "Antarctica." It engages in expeditions across Discord to find these nations and servers and aims to establish alliances and cooperation among them.

Currently, the Empire of Antarctica has formed an alliance with eight other members, including Bettzustand, Divine Empire of Katalana, Velocity Expeditions, Country of Antarctica, Descending Temperatures, Ground Zero: Ice Point, and a server simply named "Antarctica." These alliances likely involve collaborations, shared projects, and mutual support among the member servers.



On July 19th 2010, John Thomas I of the Principality of Sylvania declared himself the "Emperor of Antarctica", creating the micronation of the Empire of Antarctica (EoA). In direct response to the left-wing Federated States of Antarctica claiming the entire continent, John Thomas made a decree asserting his own dominance over Antarctica by declaring himself emperor of a more conservative government. However, due to international pressure, the EoA shrunk to the areas not claimed by the Antarctic Micronational Union .The Prince officially renounced his claimed to any part of the continent as of at 15:00 EST on October 22, 2010.

The EoA remained defunct for over 12 years, but at 16:15 EST on November 7, 2022, the Empire was revived by Skyler Ward who declared himself Emperor and the spiritual successor of John Thomas I. He announced that he would be reviving his idol's nation, and wouldn't care what the Antarctic Micronational Union said. Half an hour later, UltraRaptor was appointed as the Prime Director based on the former constitution.

Rudut War

See also: Republic of Rudut

The Republic of Rudut, driven by territorial ambitions, initiated a failed invasion of the EoA. The swift response from EoA forces halted the aggression and prompted EoA to prepare for a counter-offensive. In the midst of this conflict, the nation of Benevia approached EoA after Rudut's attack on their ally, Sibbesborg. Recognizing a common adversary, EoA, Benevia, and Sibbesborg formed the Friendship Pact, vowing to support nations targeted by Rudut and liberate its colonies.

Although their plans to aid other nations never materialized, the main Rudut base was swiftly discovered, leading to a massive assault by Sibbesborg forces. The attack on Rudut's homeland resulted in the destruction of key infrastructure, including religious centers, banks, and public plazas. In response, Rudut's ally, Kirbia, launched a retaliatory strike on Sibbesborg. Ultimately, Rudut's downfall came about through a combination of factors, including the deletion of the owner's Discord account due to mass reports and alleged bribery of Rudut's Vice President by EoA officials.

Following the war, Rudut relocated to a new server and signed a peace treaty prohibiting future invasions and colonization without consent from the victors. Additionally, Rudut entered into a protectorate status under TDC Empire, an ally of Benevia and Sibbesborg.

Despite the cessation of hostilities, a lingering rivalry persists between the Empire of Antarctica and the Republic of Kirbia. The EoA government and its citizens have actively propagated anti-Kirbian sentiments, accusing Kirbia of being a Christian extremist group. While tensions remain high, the two nations have formed a temporary alliance to mitigate conflicts and collaborate in combating a shared threat, namely a pedophilia ring.



The political system of the Empire of Antarctica is characterized by a constitutional monarchy, where ultimate power is vested in the Emperor. The Emperor holds absolute authority but is bound by the constitution to enact any action that is approved by popular vote. The Prime Director, on the other hand, shares equal powers with the Emperor but is subject to the Emperor's veto.

In the event of the Emperor's prolonged absence, the Prime Director assumes the role of the acting Emperor until the original Emperor returns. The Directors, who serve as representatives of the people, are elected by residents of each province. They are mandated to act in the best interests of their respective provinces, even if it may have implications for other provinces.

The political system emphasizes citizen participation and engagement. Citizens have the right to vote on the addition, modification, or removal of laws, allowing for a democratic process of decision-making. Furthermore, mandatory military service is required at the age of 13, fostering a sense of civic duty and national defense.

The Constitution guarantees the citizens' rights to peacefully protest in designated Protest Forums, enabling them to voice their concerns and express dissent. Citizens also bear the responsibility of safeguarding the Empire's MicroWiki from vandalism and ensuring the accuracy of information.

The Constitution itself can only be amended through a unanimous vote, reflecting the importance of consensus and unity in shaping the nation's governance structure.

Foreign Relations

The Empire of Antarctica actively engages in foreign relations with various nations and servers across Discord. One of its notable initiatives is the expedition to unite other nations and servers that bear the name "Antarctica." This alliance currently consists of eight members, including the Empire of Antarctica itself, Bettzustand, Divine Empire of Katalana, Velocity Expeditions (related to the Velocity Empire), Country of Antarctica, Descending Temperatures, Ground Zero: Ice Point, and "Antarctica."

Through these diplomatic efforts, the Empire of Antarctica aims to foster cooperation, shared interests, and collaboration among the member nations and servers. The exact nature of the foreign relations and interactions with other nations outside of this specific alliance may vary and evolve over time, depending on the circumstances and objectives pursued by the Empire of Antarctica.

Given the dynamic and interactive nature of Discord-based communities, the Empire of Antarctica is likely to engage in a range of diplomatic activities, including forming alliances, participating in diplomatic discussions, and collaborating on shared projects or initiatives. The specifics of these foreign relations would depend on the ongoing interactions and developments within the Discord community.