Empire of Begonia-Circon

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Empire of Begonia-Circon
Flag of Empire of Begonia-Circon
Coat of arms of Empire of Begonia-Circon
Coat of arms
Motto: "God is with us!"
Anthem: "Heil Dir Im Seigerkranz"
LocationUnited States and Šarengrad Island
CapitalLindon, Begonia
Largest cityFoxglove, Begonia
Official languagesGerman, English and Croatian
GovernmentDual Monarchy
LegislatureImperial Council
Establishment16 March 2019
• (as of 2020 Census) census
CurrencyBegono-Circonian Crown
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)
This nation is a member of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties

The Empire of Begonia-Circon, more commonly known as Begonia-Circon, is a micronation in the United States and was created on 16 March 2019. Empire is ruled by Emperor-King.


Name "Begonia-Circon" comes from Begonia, which is the first part of the Empire, and Circon, which is the second part of the Empire. Name Begonia doesn't have special meaning, but the name Circon comes from the Croatian word for Zirkon.


  • Begonia started as micronation called The Crowned Republic of Polinaturalo, on March 16, 2019 and this nation was the basis for The Kingdom Of Begonia, which would later become The Begonian Kaiserreich.
  • Circon was created by Sovereign Prince Ivan of Brienia as an hobby, but has become abandoned by it's founded. Ivan has requested creating dual monarchy between Begonia and Circon which was accepted.

Secession Of Begonia and All of Its Provinces

The Begonian Kaiserreich and The Confederation of Begonian Carolina withhold country-states within Begonia-Circon. The Kingdom Of Foxglove was a Duchy until mid April, when it became a separate country from The Kingdom of Begonia, and its sister duchy Polinaturalo. The Province Of Leith took its independence as well and took land right next to The Stromburg Crowned Socialist Republic. With the uprising of these nations, Begonia had no other choice to usurp them into its own Empire (Upon agreement), The Begonian Kaiserreich, while still remaining completely Begonian. The Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I of Beg-Circ and Begonia made this decision and issued this statement.....