Empire of Berevia

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The Empire of Berevia, also known as the Berevian Empire or Imperio Berevia in Esperanto, is a monarchy located in northeastern Arkansas, claiming 38.62 square miles which is divided into 9 different provinces. The Berevian Empire was established on October 11, 2019, out of boredom and rekindled curiosity in micronationalism by the current empress Sylvia I. Throughout its existence, the Empire has taken many unexpected and rather long breaks from its main account on Twitter.com. There are two official languages of the Berevian Empire: English and Esperanto. The state religion is Norse Paganism.


On October 11, 2019, around 6:00 PM Central Time, the Kingdom of Berevia was declared independent on Twitter.com by, at the time, Queen Julia I. During the Kingdom's first few days of existence, a few notable things happened. The first was a series of arguments with another micronation, which resulted in the Kingdom gaining more than 30 followers in its first week of life. After this, Queen Julia I set the birthdate of the Kingdom to October 11, 2019, on Twitter.com, which caused the account to be suspended due to breaking the Terms of Service. After this setback, the Queen created another account on Twitter.com for Berevia. About a week later, the Queen took a month and a half long break from Twitter for unknown reasons.

Following this first break, there was a bout of drama regarding a micronation which called itself Lilliput. The Kingdom of Berevia tried, possibly unsuccessfully, to calm things down between the community and Lilliput. Eventually, the drama came to an end and the Kingdom went on another break so that governmental reforms could get passed.

These reforms were supposed to make the Kingdom more republican, which the Queen was very excited about. However, due to not being good at socializing as well as there not being many willing participants, the proposed reforms were dead on arrival. The break was spent by Queen Sylvia I debating whether to continue on with Berevia or not. By this point, it had garnered a following of around 100 people.

On March 14, 2020, in response to growing cases of COVID-19 in the areas surrounding the Kingdom of Berevia, Queen Sylvia I declared a State of Emergency. This was more of a cautionary measure than anything else. On March 19, 2020, the Kingdom closed its borders because of spreading cases in Craighead and Poinsett Counties, Arkansas. There were continued updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as occasional well-wishes for holidays.

The last tweet that the Queen, now Empress, had made before a particularly long break was on July 6, 2020. The Empress made a tweet honoring the soldiers who served in D-Day, and, after that, stopped posting until March 6, 2021. During this unannounced break, the Empress suffered a loss of interest in micronationalism, even debating whether or not she should declare Berevia a defunct state. At this point, it had garnered approximately 200 followers. While things were seeming to get better, the Empress soon suffered a close death in her family. Eventually, the Empire of Berevia began posting more often on their social medias.

Government Organization

The Empire of Berevia is a total monarchy. There is no parliament. Laws are created by the Emperor/Empress only. The Emperor/Empress has advisors who are encouraged to be listened to, but it is not required. Each province, although still controlled by the Emperor/Empress, can have a representative picked by the Emperor/Empress who will suggest laws, but the representative cannot make laws themself. All laws are in a document that was created by Empress Sylvia I.

Provinces and Colonies

There are 10 provinces and 1 colony. The nine provinces are, ranked from largest to smallest, L'Anguille, Vanndale, Hickory Ridge, Doloria, Opossum City, Birdeye, Berevia, the Bay, Cherry Valley, Captiol District, and Mariland. The colony, named Melton Colony after the family who comes from there, is a hunting colony. The Empress goes there often to hunt game such as squirrel, duck, beaver, and deer.